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Wed Nov 15 1995

Qs: Q? position PPs?, URLs, Pronunciation Dictionary

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  1. Vincent DeCaen, Q? position PPs?
  2. Elisabeth Burr, Query: URLs
  3. , Machine Readable Pronunciation Dictionary

Message 1: Q? position PPs?

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 08:03:56 Q? position PPs?
From: Vincent DeCaen <>
Subject: Q? position PPs?

as modifiers, APs and PPs apparently have quite a different status, as
revealed by the study of nominal syntax: a) APs are somehow privileged
or "inner" vs PPs; b) PPs are somehow "outside" with respect to DET,
assuming a DP; etc.

my question: the facts I'm dealing with, especially in Welsh nominal
syntax, would be explained if the following were a canonical structure
(for a two member nominal chain):

	 /	 \
	D'		PP
 /	 \
	 /	 \
	N'		NP
 /	 \		| \
N'		AP	N'	AP
|			|
N			N
can anyone see something wrong with this structure, or some odd
consequences/predictions I haven't anticipated? it ensures that while
the PP is necessarily last in linear order, it unambiguously modifies
the head of the nominal chain (or does it?).

is there empiricial disconfirmation from other languages for PP as
sister D' vs N' ??

does anyone have a suggestion, assuming this is a viable structure,
for why APs differ radically from PPs in this respect? e.g., something
around features +/-N ?? I would hate the stipulation.

Vincent DeCaen
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Message 2: Query: URLs

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 12:58:45 Query: URLs
From: Elisabeth Burr <>
Subject: Query: URLs

Dear all,
a few days ago, the list newjourn announced the www-page of De Proverbio and
the www-page of Do Madeira. As I have erraneously trashed them, I would be
really thankful, if somebody who kept the URLs could send them along to me.
Elisabeth Burr
Dr. phil. Elisabeth Burr
Gerhard-Mercator Universitaet-GH
Lotharstrasse 65
47048 Duisburg
Tel.: +49 203 3792605
Fax.: +49 203 3792612
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Message 3: Machine Readable Pronunciation Dictionary

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 13:40:56 Machine Readable Pronunciation Dictionary
Subject: Machine Readable Pronunciation Dictionary

In order to develop a utility for CHILDES (Child Language Data
Exchange System) Brian MacWhinney and I are looking for a machine
readable pronunciation dictionary of English.

The utility would generate a phonetic transcription of an orthographic
model, in order to create a %mod tier for analysis of child phonology.

What is required is simply an ASCII word list, with phonetic

The dictionary would have to be in the public domain, or else we would
need the permission of the copyright owners to adapt the dictionary for
this purpose.

Any suggestions about where we might be able to track down such a
dictionary would be welcome.

Thanks, Joe Pater
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