LINGUIST List 6.1622

Thu Nov 16 1995

Qs: GB and semantics,"Gyros" pronunciation, Tongue-twisters

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  1. Christian Suess, Query: GB and Semantics
  2. "David P. Baxter", "gyros" pronunciation
  3. Ivan Uemlianin, tongue-twisters

Message 1: Query: GB and Semantics

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:20:13 Query: GB and Semantics
From: Christian Suess <>
Subject: Query: GB and Semantics

Query: GB and Semantics

Dear all,

In order to develop semantic representations of german sentences
parsed by a Government&Binding parser, I'm looking for references to
"GB and Semantics" or suggestions for reading respectively. I'm
specially interested in syntactical restrictions of semantic
representations, constructing the Logical Form LF (Quantifier Raising
and related topics), as well as computational construction of semantic
representations in general. References to persons or institutions
doing research in "GB and Semantics" would be welcome, too. I will
post the resulting list of references to everyone interested.

Christian Suess
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Message 2: "gyros" pronunciation

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 08:30:05 "gyros" pronunciation
From: "David P. Baxter" <>
Subject: "gyros" pronunciation


I'm trying to find the standard pronunciation of the name of the
sandwich spelled "gyros" in English. I believe the sandwich (which
features roasted lamb or beef, tomatoes and cucumber sauce on pita
bread) and its name are Greek in origin. The food has been popular in
the United States for 10 years or longer (possibly much longer), but
"gyros" is not listed in any English dictionary I've consulted,
including the Oxford English Dictionary and Longman's pronunciation

I would appreciate any information on the pronunciation or origin of this
food. Please reply to me directly; I hope to send the definitive "gyros"
post to the list myself after receiving your replies.

David Baxter

David P. Baxter Department of Linguistics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Message 3: tongue-twisters

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:53:16 tongue-twisters
From: Ivan Uemlianin <>
Subject: tongue-twisters

I have a project student who would like to do a project on
comprehension and repetition of tongue-twisters by dyslexic subjects.
The student has their experimental design, etc. down cold, but we're
both having trouble finding references on tongue-twisters in the
linguistic & psychological literature. Can any-one help with the
following queries?

- Phonological description of tongue-twisters. Transcription we can
do ourselves, we're more interested in work on common phonological
aspects of tongue-twisters.

- Experimental work on who finds which tongue-twisters particularly

- My immediate interest is in English tongue-twisters, but work on the
same phenomenon in any other language is welcome.

- Lastly, I couldn't leave without a request for gems any of you might
have. So far, the best one I have is:

"She stood on the balcony inexplicably mimmicking him hiccupping, and
amicably welcoming him home."

All of the above will be summarised and posted. Thank you for your
time and consideration.


Ivan Uemlianin.

Dr. Ivan Uemlianin eMail:
Teaching fellow aka:
Psychology Department voice: +44 248 382649
University of Wales, Bangor fax: +44 248 382599
Gwynedd, Wales postcode: LL57 2DG
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