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Fri Nov 17 1995

Qs: Language Library, Antidative, Neural Nets

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  1. , Language Library Query
  2. Edith A Moravcsik, Antidative
  3. , Neural Nets and Corpora

Message 1: Language Library Query

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 11:47:29 Language Library Query
From: <>
Subject: Language Library Query

Dear all,

in our dept. of general linguistics it was customary until recently to
include articles dealing with particular languages and published in
books and journals in our language catalogue, thus allowing quick
access to everything written on a language that is available in this
library. Especially for more exotic languages this was very helpful -
you could look up Belhare, for instance, and find cards pointing you
to articles in journals and books. This procedure was given up because
it is so laborious, and we are now looking for an alternative. Does
anyone know of anything useful, any software perhaps? We have the
annual MLA international bibliographies, but I guess we're after
something a bit more practical, whatever that could be. I would be
interested in other people's experience, advice etc. Please email me
directly, at

Thanks in advance!
Kathrin Cooper
General Linguistics, University of Zurich
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Message 2: Antidative

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 10:49:47 Antidative
From: Edith A Moravcsik <>
Subject: Antidative

I am interested in literature regarding direct objects that are
marked with the dative rather than the accusative or absolutive
(such as Spanish _a_-marked direct objects or Newari _-(ya)ta_-marked
objects) and how this phenomenon may be correlated with
degrees of transitivity.

Please respond to

Thank you!

Jean Acevedo
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Message 3: Neural Nets and Corpora

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 13:38:08 Neural Nets and Corpora
From: <>
Subject: Neural Nets and Corpora

I am co-authoring a survey paper on the use of corpora for speech and
language technologies, in particular annotation schemes for tagging
words in text. I need to find references on the use of neural
networks for this and would be grateful if anyone on the list can mail
me directly with these. The main ones I have been able to find so far
have tended to be based on work by Jeffrey Elman with recurrent neural
networks (Cog Sci 14, 1990, 'Finding Structure in Time').

Addresses of ftp sites, copies of papers etc would also be welcome, as
would references to work on mappings between annotation schemes. When
I've got enough to finish the NN part of the paper, I'll post a
summary to the list.

Thanks in advance

Sean Wilcock
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