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Sat Nov 18 1995

FYI: O-Hayo Sensei Electronic Edition, Funknet's New Address

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  1. , O-Hayo Sensei Electronic Edition #20
  2. Jane A. Edwards, Funknet's new address

Message 1: O-Hayo Sensei Electronic Edition #20

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 21:21:03 O-Hayo Sensei Electronic Edition #20
From: <>
Subject: O-Hayo Sensei Electronic Edition #20

The latest electronic edition of the newsletter O-Hayo Sensei, #20, is now
available. It's free, just send an e-mail request to

O-Hayo Sensei collects and prints information about currently available
English-teaching positions in Japan. In addition to job listings supplied
by the language schools themselves, O-Hayo Sensei surveys a wide array of
print and on-line media, both inside and outside Japan.

O-Hayo Sensei is not a recruiter or an agent, and has no affiliation to any
school or program. O-Hayo Sensei IS the most comprehensive compilation of
English-teaching opportunities in Japan, anywhere.

Lynn Cullivan
O-Hayo Sensei
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Message 2: Funknet's new address

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 01:20:37 Funknet's new address
From: Jane A. Edwards <edwardscogsci.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: Funknet's new address

While reading Jan's summary of specialist lists, which included some
information from me, I suddenly remembered that Funknet had changed its
location in September (i.e., since my 1/95 update). I'm appending it's
new information, with apologies (and hopefully in time to prevent
misdirected mail).

If you know of other changes I may have overlooked, I'd greatly
appreciate hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

-Jane Edwards

> As of September 1995, Funknet resides at the Department of Linguistics at
> Rice University. Its new managers are Spike Gildea and Michael Barlow,
> with administrative support from Jeff Rasch.
> To subscribe, send email with the following one-line command:
> subscribe funknet <your name>
> (without the angle brackets) to the list's
> administration address:
> The list managers can be reached at
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