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Thu Nov 23 1995

FYI: Postdocs at MIT

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Message 1: Postdocs at MIT

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 17:54:31 Postdocs at MIT
From: <cphillMIT.EDU>
Subject: Postdocs at MIT

 McDonnell-Pew Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT
 1996 Postdoctoral Fellowships

The McDonnell-Pew Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT has several
postdoctoral fellowships available in 1996-1997 for interdisciplinary
study of the neural bases of cognition, including language, memory,
reasoning, and the higher levels of vision and motor control. We seek
researchers whose work substantially combines neuroscience and
cognitive science. Candidates should identify two faculty sponsors,
whose expertise represents two of the three fields of cognition,
computation, and neuroscience.

The application consists of a CV, a brief (< 2 pages) summary of the
proposed research, and three letters of recommendation. Send them to
the Postdoc Selection Committee, McDonnell-Pew Center for Cognitive
Neuroscience at MIT, E25-406, Cambridge, MA 02139. The deadline is
February 1, 1996, for one-year fellowships beginning July 1, 1996 or
later. Fellowships may be renewed for a second year, following a
competitive review.

Questions about the program may be sent to the Director, Professor
Steven Pinker, Questions about the fellowships
may be sent to Judith Rauchwarger,, E25-406, MIT,
Cambridge, MA 02139. Copies of the brochure of the Department of Brain
and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, may be obtained from Jan Ellertsen,, same postal address.


Edward Adelson, visual perception, computational vision.
Bart Anderson, visual perception.
Robert Berwick, computational linguistics.
Emilio Bizzi, motor control.
Suzanne Corkin, neuropsychology and behavioral neuroscience.
Peter Dayan, neural computation, learning.
Edward Gibson, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics.
Ann Graybiel, neuroscience, neuroanatomy.
Alan Hein, sensorimotor development.
Neville Hogan, motor control.
Michael Jordan, motor control and connectionism.
Alec Marantz, linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics.
Earl Miller, visual neuroscience.
David Pesetsky, linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics.
Steven Pinker (Director), language and cognitive science.
Tomaso Poggio, neural computation, learning, visual perception.
Molly Potter, cognitive psychology, short-term memory.
Marc Raibert, motor control, robotics.
Whitman Richards, visual perception, mental models.
Peter Schiller, visual neuroscience.
Jerry Schneider, developmental neuroscience, neuroanatomy.
Mriganka Sur, neural plasticity, visual system.
Susumu Tonegawa, neural and genetic basis of learning.
Kenneth Wexler, linguistics, language acquisition.
Matt Wilson, neuroscience of space and memory.
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