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Confs: Crossroads in Cultural Studies

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  1. ICSC konferenssi, Crossroads: 2nd Announcement

Message 1: Crossroads: 2nd Announcement

Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 22:41:13 Crossroads: 2nd Announcement
From: ICSC konferenssi <>
Subject: Crossroads: 2nd Announcement

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Dear colleague,

When starting to organize this conference, for me the thriving force was
the strong conviction that cultural studies people from all over the world
should get together and share their work and thoughts at an international
conference. Still I must say I was amazed at the huge attention the
Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference has received.

Over 350 people from all continents have sent their abstracts, and some 600
people have contacted us! I also know that many people who are definitely
coming have not yet signed up. So I have every reason to believe that it is
going to be a major and exciting event in international cultural studies.

There is still room for papers in the programme. However, if you are
planning to send an abstract but have not yet (e-)mailed it, now is the
time to do it. The deadline for abstracts and registration for the normal
price is March 31, 1996. The accepted abstracts of those who haven't paid
the registration fee in time will be removed from the book of abstracts, to
be published by Tampere University Press.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I heartily welcome you to the
Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference. I hope you will enjoy the bright
and warm midsummer days in Tampere.

Yours sincerely,

Pertti Alasuutari
Chair of the Organizing Committee
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Cultural studies is not a one-way street between the centre and
peripheries. Rather, it is a crossroads, a meeting point in between
different centres, disciplines and intellectual movements. People in many
countries and with different backgrounds have worked their way to the
crossroads independently. They have made contacts, exchanged views and
gained inspiration from each other in pursuing their goals.

The vitality of cultural studies depends on a continuous traffic through
this crossroads. Therefore the conference organizers invite people with
different geographical, disciplinary and theoretical backgrounds together
to share their ideas. We encourage international participation from a wide
range of research areas.

The conference is organized by the Department of Sociology and Social
Psychology, University of Tampere, and Network Cultural Studies. The
organizing committee represents several universities and disciplines.

Organizing committee International advisory board
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Pertti Alasuutari (chair) Ien Ang (Australia)
Marko Valo (secretary) Jostein Gripsrud (Norway)
Pirkkoliisa Ahponen Lawrence Grossberg (USA)
Katarina Eskola Kim Schr=F6der (Denmark)
Pasi Falk
Marja-Liisa Honkasalo
Eeva Jokinen
Mikko Lehtonen
Kaisu R=E4tty=E4
Matti Savolainen
Annika Suoninen
Soile Veijola

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Monday July 1
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 10-12 am Plenary session: Opening of the Conference
 * Ien Ang: Cultural Studies at a Crossroad
 * Handel K. Dare we de-centre Birmingham? Authorized
 Wright: and Other Cultural Studies
 12-13 pm Lunch
 13:15-15:00 Sessions
 15:15-17:00 Sessions
 17:17-19:00 Sessions
 20:00 Welcoming Party
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Tuesday July 2
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 8:15-10:00 Sessions
 10:15-12:00 Plenary Session: Differences in Cultural Studies
 * Antony Easthope: Nation and Culture
 * Paul Gilroy: (Title will be announced later)
 * Eeva Jokinen & Soile Veijola: Sexing the Tourist:
		Differences that Matter
 12-13 pm Lunch
 13:15-15:00 Sessions
 15:15-17:00 Sessions
 17:17-19:00 Sessions
 20:00 The Finnish Night: barbeque, sauna, swimming...

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Wednesday July 3
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 8:15-10:00 Sessions
 10:15-12:00 Plenary Session: Social Theory in Cultural Studies
 * Lawrence
 Grossberg: Cultural Theory and Cultural Studies
 * George Ritzer: Both Modern and Postmodern: Fast-Food
 Restaurants, Credit Cards and Other
 Innovations in the Means of Consumption
 * Bryan S. Turner: Post-war Generational Cultures:
 demography, identity and action
 12-13 pm Lunch
 13:15-15:00 Sessions

 15:15-17:00 Sessions
 17:17-19:00 Sessions
 20:00 The Farewell Party
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Thursday July 4
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 8:15-10:00 Sessions
 10:15-12:00 Plenary Session: Media and Society
 * Jostein
 Gripsrud: Media, Society, History: Critical
 Perspectives on Cultural Studies
 * Joke Hermes: Media Figures in Identity Construction
 * Pertti
 Alasuutari: The Inscribed Audience
 12-13 pm Lunch
 13:15-15:00 Sessions
 15:15-17:00 Business Meeting and Goodbye
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 1. Alienation in Family and Education
 2. Anthropology and Cultural Studies: Influences and Differences
 3. Body in Society
 4. Constructionist Therapy and Helping
 5. Construction of Identities
 6. Cross/Cultural, Cross/Gender Encounters
 7. Cultural Approaches to Education
 8. Cultural Encounters in the Mediterranean
 9. Cultural Studies and Space
 10. Culture and Drinking Behaviour
 11. The Culture of Cities
 12. Deadly Differences: Death, Suffering, and Gender between
 Representation and experience
 13. Diaries and Everyday Life
 14. Encountering Otherness in Cultural Border Crossings
 15. Ethnography and Reception: Dilemmas in Qualitative Audience Studies
 16. European Life Stories in a Comparative Perspective
 17. Feminist and Cultural Approaches to Tourism
 18. History and Theory of Cultural Studies
 19. (Inter)Net Cultures and New Information Technology
 20. Media Culture in the Everyday Life of Children and Youth
 21. The Narrative Construction of Life Stories
 22. Narratives of Illness
 23. Narrowcast and Community Media
 24. New Genders: The Decay of Heterosexuality
 25. News and Cultural Studies
 26. "Other" Cultural Studies
 27. Politics and the Arts
 28. Post-Socialism and Cultural Reorganization
 29. Rethinking Integration - concepts, products and realities
 30. Risk and Culture
 31. Science, Technology & Culture
 32. Sexed Bodies in Cultural Studies
 33. Social Theory and Semiotics
 34. Study of Institutional Discourse
 35. Style And Power: The Example Of Court Culture
 36. Texts and Contexts: Literary Studies and Cultural Studies
 37. Voices of the Vietnam War: experience, literature, art, and politics
 in cultural contexts
 38. Voluntary Associations as Cultures
 39. The West and The Rest: (Re)Defining Eastern Europe
 40. Wild Biology: feminist readings of science, medicine and the media
 41. Youth Culture

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I would like to receive the Invitation Programme and Registration Form:

Name: _____________________________________________
Organization: _____________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Tel: ______________________________________________

Fax: ______________________________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________

I would like to present a paper at the session:

Paper title: ______________________________________

Preliminary Abstract (No more than 100 words, please type on a separate
sheet and send by e-mail or mail). The deadline for abstracts is March 31,

Registration fee (including lunches)

 * FIM 1000 before March 31 ___
 * FIM 1500 after April 1 ___

Undergraduate students

 * FIM 600 before March 31 ___
 * FIM 800 after April 1 ___

Please complete and return to:

Crossroads in Cultural Studies
Tampere Conference Service
Takojankatu 15 B

tel: +358 31 261 2111
fax: +358 31 261 1911
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