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Sat Dec 2 1995

Jobs: Computational Ling/Socioling or Psycholing, Japanese

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  1. Shu-Ing Shyu, job announcement
  2. Hiroshi Nara, Positions Available

Message 1: job announcement

Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 11:33:00 job announcement
From: Shu-Ing Shyu <>
Subject: job announcement

Two Tenure Track Positions Available at the Department of Foreign
Languages and Literature of National Sun Yat-Sen University

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Sun
Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan has two full-time faculty
positions available starting August 1, 1996. Ph.D. holders majoring
in Computational linguistics, Sociolinguistics, or Psycholinguistics,
able to teach graduate students the history of English
language. Welcome application from senior professor. Please send a
letter of application, along with a C.V., recommendation letters to:

Ling Chung, Professor and Chairperson
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
National Sun Yat-Sen University
Taiwan, ROC.

TEL: 886-7-5316171 ext. 3050;
FAX: 886-7-5319543;
e-mail address:


Dr. Shu-ing Ingrid Shyu
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
National Sun Yat-Sen University
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 804
Republic of China

PHONE: 886-7-531-6171 ext. 3053
FAX: 886-7-531-9543
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Message 2: Positions Available

Date: Sat, 02 Dec 1995 14:49:10 Positions Available
From: Hiroshi Nara <>
Subject: Positions Available


 Openings for Japanese Drill Instructors
 Intensive First Year Japanese
 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
 June 17QAugust 9, 1996

The Summer Intensive Japanese Program invites applications for
the position of drill instructors for this summerUs intensive
Japanese program.


The summer program offers Intensive First Year (Elementary) Japanese
(10 credits), equivalent to one academic year, in eight weeks. We
will be using _Japanese: The Spoken Language (Part 1)_ and _Japanese:
The Written Japanese (Part 1)_ and other ancillary materials. We will
try to teach through L12 of _JSL_ and _JWL_ during the 8-week session.

The program is expected to draw 20 to 35 students, although the final
number is not known until early June. Drill classes will be limited
to approximately ten students per class. Students enrolled in this
program are required to attend six class hours per day, including
three hours of drill class conducted exclusively in Japanese, one hour
of lecture, and two hours of language laborary work.

- ----
- ----

TFull timeU drill instructors have ten weekly contact hours. In
addition to teaching and preparing for class, they are expected to
participate in the evaluation of studentsU performance, observe
classes from time to time, attend staff meetings and training
sessions, and perform other duties that are directly relevant to the

TFull timeU drill instructors are expected to make a commitment for
twenty hours per week to discharge these duties but the precise time
commitment depends on individual experience and speed. We anticipate
openings for 3 to 6 Tfull timeU drill instructor positions.

- ------------
- ------------

*Near-native or native competence in all Japanese langauge skills
(listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

*Familiarity and experience with _Japanese: The Spoken Language (Part
I)_ and _Japanese: The Written Langauge (Part 1)_ is strongly
preferred but nor required.

*Express interest in and enthusiasm for language teaching

*Graduate student status or evidence of graduate work in language
pedagogy or other related areas preferred but not required.

Please note that successful applicants must show evidence of
eligibility for employment as stipulated by the United States
Department of Justice regulations before they can be employed by the

- -----
- -----

If asked, we will help successful candidates find suitable housing in
the city, including dormitory rooms or studio apartments.

- ---------
- ---------

If you are interested, please send an application to Hiroshi Nara,
Japanese Language Coordinator, 1501 Cathedral of Learning, Department
of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, PA 15260. No application can be accepted by fax or

The deadline for application is Thursday, February 15, 1996. Your
application packet should include at the minimum the following.

 *Letter of application

 *Current resume

 *Supporting materials, such as letters of recommendation

 *Copies of the evaluation of teaching if you have a
 teaching experience, videocassette of your teaching, etc.

 *Summer schedule (if you have regular commitments, such
 as classes, please specify the times when you are not

- -----------------
Further information
- -----------------

For further information about the summer language program, contact

Hiroshi Nara ((412) 624-5574, fax (412) 624-3458, e-mail, or

Ann Chamberlain, JSTMP Program Manager ((412) 648-7414, fax
(412) 648-2199, e-mail

The summer intensive Japanese program is managed by the Japanese
Science and Technology Management Program (JSTMP), a federally funded
program to prepare engineers, scientists of managers to interact with
Japanese professionals in science, industry, and technology. JSTMP is
a joint program of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon
University. The summer program is funded by JSTMP and the National
Resource Center for East Asian Studies (DOE) of the University of
Pittsburgh. The language components of the summer program is
supervised by the Department of East Asian Languages and Litereatures
of the University of Pittsburgh.

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