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Mon Dec 4 1995

All: Contributions 96

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  1. Helen Dry, contributions 96 (revised)

Message 1: contributions 96 (revised)

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 1995 15:33:25 contributions 96 (revised)
From: Helen Dry <>
Subject: contributions 96 (revised)

Dear LINGUIST Subscribers:

We want to express our appreciation to those of you who responded to
our recent call for donations to the LINGUIST Development Fund. The
contributions collected so far this year total $1090, and we are
grateful to you for responding so quickly and generously. However, we
also need to alert you all to the status of the fund. Contributions
have fallen short of what we need to maintain the list.

Because we have $2000 left over from last year, we now have $3090 of
the $8000 necessary to renew our fellowships for student editors in
1996-1997 at the current stipend. In short, we need an additional
$5000 just to sustain the list. However, we still hope to be able to
raise our stipend and support our graduate students more adequately.
So, we are coming to you again to ask for contributions. We want very
much to continue to publish the LINGUIST List and to develop the
LINGUIST Network, and to do so, we need your donations.

In the expectation that we will reach our funding goal, we are calling
for applications for the LINGUIST Fellowship at Eastern Michigan
University (EMU). Ann Dizdar will be continuing as LINGUIST Fellow at
Texas A&M, moving up to Associate Editor, but Ljuba Vselinova, having
completed her M.A. at Eastern Michigan, will be leaving us. So the
EMU LINGUIST fellowship will be available. The LINGUIST Fellow receives
a $4000 stipend (at present) plus a full tuition waiver of 15 graduate hours
per year. The Fellow works editing LINGUIST 15-20 hours per week and
must be enrolled as a graduate student. For more information contact:

Daniel Seely
Graduate Advisor
Dept. of English Language and Lit
Eastern Michigan U
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Again, we would like to thank the contributors listed below, who make these
fellowships possible.

Helen, Anthony, & Daniel
LINGUIST Moderators

1996 Contributors

Valued Supporters (under $50)

Alex Alsina
Amalia Arvaniti
Susan Burt
Virginia Clark
Matthew Dryer
Timothy Dunnigan
Susan Haden Elgin
Elisabet Engdahl
Anna Fenyvesi
Sharon Flank
Suzanne Fleischman
Josep Fontana
Randall Gess
Frank Gladney
Georgia Green
Claire Gronemeyer
Fran Gulinello
Christina Hellman
Jonathan Hope
Alice Horning
Leonid Iomdin
James Kilbury
Carolyn Grinnell Kirkpatrick
Hiroaki Kitano
Michael Kliffer
Howard Kurtzman
Kevin Lesher
Virginia LoCastro
Karen Monk
Edith Moravcsik
Jerry Morgan
Larry Morgan
Jan Oestedt
Kyoko Ohara
Nicholas Ostler
Mark Picard
Elly van Gelderen
Linda Rashidi
Robin Sabino
Yutaka Sato
Mary Schleppegrell
Maarke Schoorlemmer
Ute Smit
Margaret Speas
Carolyn Wiltshire
Shuichi Yatabe
Yael Ziv
SICS (Kista, Sweden)

Patrons ($50 or more):

Bernard Comrie
Donald Freeman
Anthea Fraser Gupta
Michael Hess
Richard Hudson
Tadao Miyamoto
Lynne Murphy
Steve Seegmiller
Nancy Stenson

Mainstays ($100 or more):

Victoria Fromkin
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