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Tue Dec 5 1995

FYI: Nonverbal Communication, O'Hayo, Mellon3 Addendum

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Message 1: PST

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 1995 20:41:39 PST
From: <>
Subject: PST

 Is NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION of interest to linguist subscribers?
I wonder if subscribers to the list might be interested in
nonverbal communication--tones of voice, facial expressions, gestures,
and the nuances of communication generally.
 The University of California has a series of documentary
videotapes on NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. The newest addition, just
completed, is "THE HUMAN FACE: Emotions, Identities and Masks."
 One of the earlier tapes, "THE HUMAN VOICE: Exploring Vocal Paralanguage,"
focuses on the power of the voice (verbal + nonverbal) in interpersonal
communication, and the focus is on the range of inferences that one
can made about speakers based on their text and voice.

a. If NOT interested, simply delete this brief message
 without reading it.
b. If interested, you can send email to
 (Prof. Dane Archer, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz)
 to request a longer, more DETAILED message, complete with
 thorough descriptions and reviews of the five videos
 in this University of California series.

The five videotapes in the UC series are:

1. THE HUMAN FACE: Emotions, Identities and Masks
2. THE HUMAN VOICE: Exploring Vocal Paralanguage
3. A WORLD OF GESTURES: Culture and Nonverbal Communication

Each videotape comes with a detailed INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE that provides
background information, suggested classroom activities to illustrate
the nonverbal phenomena described in the videotapes, and references to
works in the field.

These videotapes are available from the University of California
at the following address:

The University of California Extension
 Center for Media and Independent Learning
2000 Center Street, Fourth Floor
Berkeley, California 94704
PHONE (510) 642-0460; FAX (510) 643-9271

IF interested in receiving a DETAILED email description of these
videotapes (complete with reviews) reply to

Prof. Dane Archer
Stevenson College
Univ. of California, Santa Cruz 95064
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Message 2: CST

Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 00:51:59 CST
Subject: CST

The latest electronic edition of the newsletter O-Hayo Sensei, #21, is now
available. It's free, just send an e-mail request to

O-Hayo Sensei collects and prints information about currently available
English-teaching positions in Japan (38 in this issue). In addition to job
listings supplied by the language schools themselves, O-Hayo Sensei surveys
a wide array of print and on-line media, both inside and outside Japan.

O-Hayo Sensei is not a recruiter or an agent, and has no affiliation to any
school or program. O-Hayo Sensei IS the most comprehensive compilation of
English-teaching opportunities in Japan, anywhere.

Lynn Cullivan
O-Hayo Sensei
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Message 3: Fellowship Announcement Addendum

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 1995 17:53:35 Fellowship Announcement Addendum
From: MELLON3 <>
Subject: Fellowship Announcement Addendum

For more information about the National Foreign Language Center and the
Mellon Fellowship Program announced in the posting of December 1,
1995, please see the NFLC site on the World Wide Web:
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