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Thu Dec 7 1995

Confs: Language & cognition, Estonian prosody

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  1. , Second announcement and programme: Language & Cognition
  2. Stefanie Jannedy, Symposium on Estonian Prosody

Message 1: Second announcement and programme: Language & Cognition

Date: 06 Dec 1995 15:41:00
From: <>
Subject: Second announcement and programme: Language & Cognition




 Friday 12 January 1996, 10.00am-4.00pm

Venue: Monnet Suite, Research and Graduate College, Faraday
House, University of Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4WT.


10.00 Jacques Durand (Salford)
 "The psychological implications of current theories of

10.40 Philip Carr (Newcastle)
 "Linguistics, I-language and external behaviour"

11.20 Tea

11.40 Ronnie Cann (Edinburgh)
 "Functional categories: syntax, semantics and

12.20 Lunch

1.40 Richard Towell (Salford)
 "Complementary models of cognition within second
 language acquisition: how can their interaction be

2.20 Bernadette Plunkett (York)
 "Clausal architecture and the child's acquisition of

3.00 Tea

3.20 Bonnie Schwartz (Durham)

It is intended that the workshop will give speakers and
participants an opportunity to discuss issues in an informal

Pre-registration is not required, but we would be grateful if
participants would let us know that they plan to attend.

Organisers: Prof Jacques Durand and Paul Rowlett
European Studies Research Institute
Department of Modern Languages
University of Salford
Greater Manchester, M5 4WT
Tel: 0161 745 5614
Fax: 0161 745 5335
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Message 2: Symposium on Estonian Prosody

Date: Thu, 07 Dec 1995 10:55:35 Symposium on Estonian Prosody
From: Stefanie Jannedy <>
Subject: Symposium on Estonian Prosody

 Symposium on Estonian Prosody

Aim: to provide an opportunity for scholars who have been
 interested in Estonian prosody to meet each other and
 discuss their theories and findings.

Purpose: to see if it is possible to arrive at some kind of
 consensus as to what the Estonian three-way quantity
 system really means: what is its phonetic
 manifestation, which of several interpretations is most
 reasonable, and what can it contribute to linguistic

Time: October 29-30, 1996.

Place: Institute of Estonian Language (Eesti Keele Instituut),
 Tallinn, Estonia.

Format: there will be four sessions of invited papers and a
 concluding panel. Each paper will be followed by
 discussion. Others besides the invited speakers are
 welcome to attend the symposium (upon payment of a
 small registration fee) and participate in the
 discussions. If you are interested in attending the
 symposium, please contact Jaan Ross before May l5,
 l996 (address below).

Language: the language of the conference will be English.

Publication: it is planned to prepare and publish a bilingual
 volume containing the presented papers, to appear in
 l997. The printed version of the papers may be longer
 than the actual presentations; they will be provided
 with an extensive (approximately five-page) summary in
 the other language. The volume will be edited by
 Ilse Lehiste.

Further information: for questions concerning the program,
 please contact Ilse Lehiste (Ohio State University,
 Department of Linguistics, 222 Oxley Hall, l7l2 Neil
 Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1298, USA, e-mail, fax + 1 614 2924273)
 for questions concerning local arrangements, please
 contact Jaan Ross (Eesti Keele Instituut, Roosikrantsi
 6, EE 0001 Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail,
 fax +372 2 442076).
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