LINGUIST List 6.1722

Fri Dec 8 1995

Qs: Sampling, Translating initiatives, Prototype theory

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  1. "Pablo Suarez", Sampling
  2. CREHAN Patrick, translating initiatives on the internet?
  3. Cathryn Williams, Prototype theory

Message 1: Sampling

Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 18:53:56 Sampling
From: "Pablo Suarez" <>
Subject: Sampling


 I would greatly appreciate receiving any information
 on available software for extracting random samples
 from a large corpora where a number of text units can
 be identified (e.g., paragraphs).

 Thanks in advance.

 Pablo Suarez
 Pablo Suarez, Associate Professor /
 Dep. of Sociology, Uppsala University / Fax +46 18 181 170
 Box 821, S-751 08 Uppsala, Sweden / Phone +46 18 181 181
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Message 2: translating initiatives on the internet?

Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 13:58:12 translating initiatives on the internet?
From: CREHAN Patrick <>
Subject: translating initiatives on the internet?

Hi -It is somehow felt that IT can benefit developing countries by
providing easy access to education and training, and by allowing
sectors of the economy such as the SME sector and the services sector
to. leapfrog stages of development but it seems that language is one
of the real barriers for a developing country to its entry into the so
called global infor. society. I am doing some background research on
this problem which is perhaps a bigger problem for people in the
general educational/cultural/small business/local administration
sector than for scientists and engineers. I am especially interested
in this language problem for developing countries, where the language
might be of the western European, eastern and central European,
Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Korean variety.

Are there initiatives such as project Gutenberg, in such languages?
What kind of content exists in these langauges? Is there
shareware/freeware available in these languages? in particular
authoring software for educational materials. Are you aware of anyone
who has considered browsing tools to enabling one to browse a rough
and ready machine translations of on-line content in another langauge
.. a window on another world as it were. What is the status of on-line
translation etc. Is anyone aware of other solutions to this problem?
Most online content is in english .. does online content exist in
islands with impassable borders?

The problem as such is ill posed .. and I hope I am asking the right
list - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards - Pat(rick Crehan)
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Message 3: Prototype theory

Date: Thu, 07 Dec 1995 16:15:56 Prototype theory
From: Cathryn Williams <>
Subject: Prototype theory

Does anyone know of any recent work on Prototype theory? I
have read Rosch but she appears to have stopped writing in the early
eighties...does anyone have any information on the subject that could
lead me to more recent publications?

Thankyou in advance, please reply to me at:

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