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Mon Dec 11 1995

FYI: Klingon speakers, ConSOLE 4

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  1. , Klingon speakers needed (Newton, Mass., USA); will train
  2. "J. Costa, R. v/d Vijver, R. Goedemans", ConSOLE 4

Message 1: Klingon speakers needed (Newton, Mass., USA); will train

Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 16:12:00 Klingon speakers needed (Newton, Mass., USA); will train
From: <>
Subject: Klingon speakers needed (Newton, Mass., USA); will train

 maHvaD tlhIngan Hol DajatlhtaH wIneHqu'

 chen *Klingon Immersion Course* 'e' wIQaHmeH,
 QIch De' qonnIS ghargh'a' patmey malja'ghom.

As Dr. Lawrence Schoen of the Klingon Language Institute has announced
here, the upcoming Klingon CD-ROM from Simon & Schuster Interactive
will include a Klingon practice feature. Dragon Systems, Inc., is
proud to be producing the speech recognition system for this
feature... and I am enormously delighted to be working on it, and to
be able to say so publicly at last. Marc Okrand, the inventor of the
language, is providing the vocabulary, and we will start recording
this week.

The data must be recorded on a computer, with our own program and
hardware, and that means at our location in Newton, Massachusetts, a
little west of Boston. This means we can't collect recordings from
the widely-scattered community of Klingon speakers. On the other
hand, linguists (including students!) with training in phonetics can
be taught to pronounce Klingon accurately. The language is full of
linguistic jokes; e.g., alveolar t and n but retroflex s and d. It
also has velar fricatives, uvulars, a barred lambda, and a lot of
glottal stops.

The recording should take two to three hours, plus some instructional
time if you aren't already familiar with Klingon phonology (_The
Klingon Dictionary_, Okrand 1992, Pocket Books). If this sounds like
fun to you, and if you can get yourself to Newton, your voice can be
part of our model for Klingon pronunciation. Phone or email me at the
contacts below.

 yImImQo'! DaH HIrI'!

 Mark A. Mandel
 Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200
 320 Nevada St. : Newton, Mass. 02160, USA :

 [sometimes going as:]
 tlhIngan veQbeq marqem la'Hom : Subcommander marqem,
 : Klingon Sanitation Corps
 Heghbej ghIHmoHwI'pu'! : Death to litterbugs!

This document was created with DragonDictate for Windows. (Except
for the Klingon words. We're still working on multilingual speech

P.S.: The Klingon sentences above mean:
 We want you to speak Klingon for us.
 To help the Klingon Immersion Course get built,
 Dragon Systems, Inc., needs to collect speech data.
 Don't delay! Hail me now!
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Message 2: ConSOLE 4

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 16:26:17 ConSOLE 4
From: "J. Costa, R. v/d Vijver, R. Goedemans" <>
Subject: ConSOLE 4

ConSOLE 4 will not take place at Paris 10, but at the Ecole Normale
Superieure in St. Cloud (southwest of Paris). If anyone needs the
exact location, please contact us:
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