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Thu Dec 14 1995

Sum: Berber

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  1. Ann Lindvall, Sum. Berber

Message 1: Sum. Berber

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 14:38:28 Sum. Berber
From: Ann Lindvall <>
Subject: Sum. Berber

To the Linglist!

Some weeks ago I posted a query about Berber languages. I am really
impress ed by the amount of answers, in the shape of further advice,
bibliographical references, references to persons and last but not
least, invaluable person al contacts.

I wish to express my thanks to those who answered:

Steve Helmreich, John E. Koontz, Younes Mourchid, Brian Spooner, Marc
Picar d, Louise Lavoie, Mike Maxwell, Kirk Belnap, Richard Hudson ,
August Cluver, T apio Honkanen, Salem Ghazali, Andersen Ole Stig ,
Amina Mettouchi, Susan Guion, A. Alalou, Maria Persson, Noureddine
Kahlaoui and Sophie Aslanides.


Ann Lindvall

* Bibliographical advice, centres, lists:

Arabic Linguistics Society Bibliography Annual

Bibliographie Linguistique


Centre de Recherche Berbere, INALCO

HYTELNET from any number of FTP sites

Language(s): Berber; PJ2340-PJ2349, PJ2369-PJ2399
For questions, contact: (Rabah Seffal), (Djamal Bouzida)

Modern Language Association

* References to persons, (I have the address of some of them):

Ernest McCarus, Jillali Saib, Jamal Ouhalla, Jean-Pierre Angoujard,
Philipe Blance, Kay, Lavenstam, Amina Mettouchi, Madjid Allaoua, Salem
Chaker, Mameri, Karl Prasse, Abd al-Majid, Mohamed Guerssel

* Bibliographical references (hope I got the names correct):

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berberes contemporaines. Tassadit Yacine-Titouh, pref. de Kateb Yacine

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qcausativization in Tamazight Berber", Journal of African Languages
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