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Fri Dec 15 1995

Sum: History of Thesauri/Lexicography

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  1. Ute Smit, Summary: history of thesauri/lexicography

Message 1: Summary: history of thesauri/lexicography

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 16:11:30 Summary: history of thesauri/lexicography
From: Ute Smit <>
Subject: Summary: history of thesauri/lexicography

About two weeks ago I posted a query on sources on the history of
lexicography and, more particularly, thesauri. As promised, I will now
post the summary of the responses.

Many thanks to Ernst Buchberger, Gavin O Se, Gregory Grefenstette and
Jerome Serme for replying to my question and providing me with the
following list of references:

 Buchberger E.: Form and Substance: Knowledge Representation by
 Thesauri, in Best H., et al.(eds.), Informations- und
 Wissensverarbeitung in den Sozialwissenschaften, Westdeutscher Verlag,
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 Knowledge- Based Retrieval Systems, Artificial Intelligence in
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 Acquisition for Creating Nuclear Juridical Thesauri, in
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 Analysis of Thesauri Based on the Interpretation of Context Meaning,
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 contains a long history of thesauri]

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 Roget's Categories Trained on Large Corpora, in Proceedings of the
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