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Thu Dec 21 1995

Sum: Adjective Order

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  1. Mette Kreutzmann, SUM: adjective order

Message 1: SUM: adjective order

Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 12:13:53 SUM: adjective order
From: Mette Kreutzmann <>
Subject: SUM: adjective order

Earlier I asked for references on premodifying adjective order in
English and I received some very helpful responses.

A sincere thanks to all who replied!!

Below, I list the references (in no particular order) if anybody else is
interested in the subject.

A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everybody,

Mette Kreutzmann

Posner, R. [1986]. "Iconicity in Syntax: The Natural Order of Attributes."
In: Bouissac, P., M. Herzfeld & R. Posner, (eds), Iconicity: Essays on the
Nature of Culture: Festschrift for Thomas A. Sebeok on His 65th Birthday
Tuebingen: Stauffenberg, pp. 305-337.

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English and Mandarin," in Proceedings of the North Eastern Linguistic
Society (NELS) Vol 18: 465-488.

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in English, General Linguistics, 23-2: 94-128.

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Ferris, Connor [1993]. "The Meaning of Syntax: a study in the
adjectives of English".(see particularly section 8.6)

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Present-day English".

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Journal of verbal learning and verbal behaviour 8: pp 697-704.

Martin, J.E. [1969]." Some competence-process relationships in noun
phrases with prenominal and postnominal adjectives" Journal of verbal
learning and verbal behaviour 8: pp 471-480.

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learning and verbal behaviour 9: pp 379-384.

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"On the Evidence for Partial N-Movement in the Romance DP"

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Adjective Order" Journal of verbal learning and verbal behaviour

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Dixon, R.M.W. [1982]"Where have all the adjectives gone?" Amsterdam:

Kamp, J.A.W. [1975]"Two Theories of Adjectives" In: Keenan, E.L. (ed)
Formal Semantics of Natural Language. pp 123-155, Cambridge
- ------------
And in the above mentioned references, of course, there are many more
references, and in those references, of course, there are even more references,
and in those get the picture...
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