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Thu 09 Feb 1995

Confs: Computational section ISFC95, IATL call for abstracts

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  1. Elke Teich, Computational section ISFC95
  2. Anita Mittwoch, IATL: Call for Abstracts

Message 1: Computational section ISFC95

Date: Thu, 9 Feb 1995 13:45:11 +Computational section ISFC95
From: Elke Teich <>
Subject: Computational section ISFC95

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 The 22nd International Systemic-Functional Congress
 Beijing, China
 18-22 July 1995

 The involvement of Systemic Functional Linguistics in computational
 applications has grown to a point at which it would be beneficiary
 to take stock of the various ongoing activities.

 There are a number of interesting problems that arise
 if one uses Systemic Functional theory for natural language
 processing (NLP). The goal of the section is to give researchers
 using Systemic Functional theory (or aspects of it)
 for NLP applications a chance to talk about issues of common interest,
 introduce their approaches to particular problems and (perhaps)
 work out solutions together.

 The idea is to organize the section as a mixture of talks and extensive
 discussions. If it turns out that there are some really BURNING
 issues, it is also possible to have workshops tailored to particular

 If you are interested in participating

 - Please fill in the attached
 form and e-mail it back to me (

 - If you want to give a talk or introduce a topic for discussion
 or for a workshop, please e-mail an abstract of about 1-2 pages to me
 ( The abstract should include a title,
 your name and affiliation, a list of references and an indication of
 what it is intended as (talk, topic for discussion or workshop).
 Please send the abstract also, if you have already sent an abstract
 to the general call for papers of ISFC95.

 Also, if you can think of anybody else who would be interested in
 participating, please forward this mail to them.

 The deadline for submissions and suggestions is the 15th of February



 ADDRESS (inlcuding e-mail):



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Message 2: IATL: Call for Abstracts

Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 21:43:44 +IATL: Call for Abstracts
From: Anita Mittwoch <>
Subject: IATL: Call for Abstracts

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The Eleventh Annual Conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical
Linguistics will take place on June 18th and 19th at the University of
Tel Aviv. The guest speaker will be Luigi Rizzi.

6 copies of anonymous abstracts (maximum 2 pages, not including
diagrams), accompanied by a card with author's name, affiliation, e-mail
address and title of paper to: The Secretary, Department of English, The
Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91905 Israel. Please write "For IATL" on
Abstracts must be received not later than April 5th. Answers by April 20th.
Enquires to:

A reminder: June 20th-22nd - BISFAI '95 at Ramat Gan and Jerusalem.
Enquiries about registration, etc. to:
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