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Sat 11 Feb 1995

FYI: Zhou Zumo (Zhou1 Zu3-mo2)

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  1. David Prager Branner, Obituary of Zhou1 Zu3-mo2

Message 1: Obituary of Zhou1 Zu3-mo2

Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 00:05:01 -Obituary of Zhou1 Zu3-mo2
From: David Prager Branner <>
Subject: Obituary of Zhou1 Zu3-mo2

 Zhou Zumo (Zhou1 Zu3-mo2)

 The noted Chinese scholar Zhou1 Zu3-mo2 died in a Peking hospital on 14
 January, 1995. He was 80 years old.

 A professor at Peking University and a native of Peking, Prof. Zhou1
 Zu3-mo2 was one of the world's greatest experts on the written sources for
 Chinese historical phonology.

 His principal works are the _Wen4-xue2 Ji2_ [The "Inquiring into Learning"
 Collection], which contains his most important philological essays, and an
 annotated edition (with thorough textual collation) of the _Guang3-yun4_,
 the main written source for Chinese historical phonology. Prof. Zhou1's
 edition of the _Guang3-yun4_ is now the standard.
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