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Mon 13 Feb 1995

Qs: ESL curriculum, Palindromes, Summer opportunities

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  1. , ESL curriculum
  2. Dr. Manfred Immler, Palindromes
  3. pee wee in atlanta, summer opportunities

Message 1: ESL curriculum

Date: Thu, 09 Feb 1995 10:09:25 ESL curriculum
Subject: ESL curriculum

After 20 years as a research scientist, I am starting a new career in ESL. I am
interested in developing (or adapting) a specialized course for foreign medical
trainees in American medical schools and hospitals. I'm also interested in ESP
courses for students in the sciences.
I presently teach "English for International Graduate Teaching Assistants"
which is a very practical course to enhance the teaching assistants'
effectiveness in the classrom/lab.
I would appreciate anyone sharing course description, syllabus, texts used,
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Message 2: Palindromes

Date: Thu, 9 Feb 95 18:04:46 +01Palindromes
From: Dr. Manfred Immler <>
Subject: Palindromes

Hi you all out there !

I am a total fan(atic) of palindromes, such as "A man, a plan, a canal
Panama" or "in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni" - expressions
which read from behind result either in the same message or, even
more interesting, in new, other, however meaningful message. I assume
are many palindromes I do not know yet, so I would just want to ask any
one of you:

 If you know of one or more palindrome(s) in any language, please
 write them
 to me via LINGUIST, I will then make the results accessible to

Also if you know of books and/or articles citing palindromes, please
me !!!

And here is my absolute favorite, the best I know:

 "Nie fragt sie: ist gefegt? Sie ist gar fein" (source unknown)
 (she never asks: has the sweeping been done? She is very refined.)

I would be thankful to receive as many as possible palindromes, Thank
And if it is not in German, English, French or Italian, please also add
an English translation ...

 "Koop ik 'n ei, dan nadie 'n kip ook" (when I buy an egg, then also
 a chicken)

So long, I am looking forward to many messages!

"Madam, I'm Adam"

Manfred Immler
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Message 3: summer opportunities

Date: Thu, 9 Feb 1995 14:04:02 -summer opportunities
From: pee wee in atlanta <>
Subject: summer opportunities

Hey! Does anyone know of any linguistic-related summer opportunities out
there for a college undergraduate? I'm interested in something like
an anthropological linguistics (linguistic anthropology, whatever
your preference) program, working on a research project, etc. Any
ideas? Thanks!

Rachel A. Lavin
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