LINGUIST List 6.238

Sat 18 Feb 1995

FYI: Lg lists on WWW, MIT Web page, SUSANNE, New English program

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  1. Gavin Burnage, List of Language Lists on WWW
  2. David Pesetsky, MIT Linguistics Web Page
  3. Geoffrey Sampson, The SUSANNE Corpus
  4. gerald slavin, Announcing a New English Program

Message 1: List of Language Lists on WWW

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 12:09:18 List of Language Lists on WWW
From: Gavin Burnage <>
Subject: List of Language Lists on WWW

The List of Language Lists, prepared by Bernard Comrie and Michael
Everson, is now available on the WWW. It contains details about
electronic mailing lists which are in or about a wide variety of
languages, for linguists and learners.

With the backing of Bernard and Michael, I've constructed a hypertext
(HTML) version, and made it accessible from the web pages of Oxford
University Language Centre. The URL of the List itself is:

though it can also be reached through Oxford University Language
Centre's page,


Gavin Burnage
Computing Officer
Oxford University Language Centre
12 Woodstock Road 01865-283371 (work)
OXFORD OX2 6HT 01865-283366 (fax)
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Message 2: MIT Linguistics Web Page

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 95 17:17:15
From: David Pesetsky <pesetskMIT.EDU>
Subject: MIT Linguistics Web Page

An *extremely* preliminary Web page (no movies or sound clips!) for the
Linguistics Program at MIT is available at:

(Includes a MIT Working Papers in Linguistics (MITWPL) catalog.)
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Message 3: The SUSANNE Corpus

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 10:15 GMT
From: Geoffrey Sampson <>
Subject: The SUSANNE Corpus

The SUSANNE Corpus

This message is intended for users or would-be users of the SUSANNE
Corpus, which is a sample of written American English annotated in
conformity with a structural annotation scheme that attempts to define
a predictable notation for every aspect of the structure of real-life
English that is definite enough to be indicated in such annotations.

The SUSANNE Corpus has been distributed via ftp from the Oxford Text
Archive unproblematically since late 1992. Unfortunately, on the
eve of publication of the book which defines the annotation scheme
and includes a printed statement of how to access it via ftp
(Geoffrey Sampson, _English for the Computer_, due out from Oxford
University Press on 23 February 1995), the Archive has rearranged its
directory structure so that the existing instructions no longer work.
(I had no advance notice that this was going to happen.)

To get hold of the SUSANNE Corpus now, make a connexion by anonymous
ftp to "", and cd to the directory /pub/ota/public/susanne.
Then follow the instructions contained in the README file in that

At the moment (14 February) the version of the SUSANNE Corpus available
by ftp is Release 3, completed in April 1994. However, a Release 4,
eliminating a few dozen errors discovered in checking the proofs of
_English for the Computer_, has been completed and a copy has been
given to the Archive; I believe they will be installing it in place of
Release 3 within days.

I am sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience.

Geoffrey Sampson
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Message 4: Announcing a New English Program

Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 15:16:26 Announcing a New English Program
From: gerald slavin <>
Subject: Announcing a New English Program

The University of New Mexico Division of Programs in International
English Teaching invites English as a Foreign Language teachers,
supervisors, and administrators to participate in a specially designed
four-week program of study, classroom, and cultural experiences. This
unique course of studies, featuring an individualized approach to the
problems and needs of English teachers, is aimed at teachers who wish to
develop their teaching skills in an environment involving a seminar
approach to learning.

Participants in the program will take part in intensive experiences in
an individually designed curriculum focusing on their specific teaching,
curricular, and institutional needs. In addition, there will be
opportunities to observe and participate with the instructors in the
Intensive English classes of the Center for English Language and American
Culture, and other regional English programs.

Ample opportunities will be provided for the study of New Mexican,
American Indian, and Hispanic cultures through field trips in the area
and guest presentations.

Four-week programs will offered to limited groups in July, 1995, October
1995, January, 1996, and July, 1996. The cost is $1,000 which
includes tuition, instruction, materials, cultural activities, fees, and
field experiences.

For additional information, brochures, and admission requirements,
contact Dr. Gerald M. Slavin, University of New Mexico, Mesa Vista 2111,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131-1056 USA.

Email Address:
Fax: (505) 277-1867
Telephone: (505) 277-4032
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