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Sun 19 Feb 1995

Disc: Progressive with future time reference

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  1. Aleksander Murzaku, Re: 6.221 Sum: Progressive with future time reference

Message 1: Re: 6.221 Sum: Progressive with future time reference

Date: Thu, 16 Feb 95 17:06:44 ESRe: 6.221 Sum: Progressive with future time reference
From: Aleksander Murzaku <>
Subject: Re: 6.221 Sum: Progressive with future time reference

At 07:39 PM 2/15/95 -0600, The Linguist List wrote:
)Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 19:07:00 -0400
)From: (Bertinetto)
)Subject: Sum: progressive with future time reference
)Some time ago I posted a query concerning the possible existence of
)languages in which the morpheme expressing the notion of "progressive" may
)be used with future time reference, as in English:
)- I am leaving tomorrow.
)The coexistence of progressive and a future time adverbial is the decisive

I'm sorry I have missed the original request from Pier Marco.

Albanian seems to have the same features. The progressive is formed, for both
present and imperfect past, by putting a particle [po] in front of the verb.
The particle is the same for all the forms of the verb.

1. How the progressive is created:
 ("po" is equivalent to the suffix "-ing" in English)
 a) ai po ecte
 [he -ing walk(past imperfect)]
 b) ne po ecim
 [we -ing walk(present)]
2. Not every verb can be combined with a future time adverbial (this depends
 from the semantic features of the verb and from the tense - only present)
 a) po vi neser
 [-ing come(1st person sg) tomorrow]
 b) po shkojme pas nje ore
 [-ing go(1st person pl) in one hour]

If anything is not clear, please, let me know.


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