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Calls: Issues in Interpreting II, FLSM VI Final Call

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  1. , Conference: Issues in Interpreting II
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Message 1: Conference: Issues in Interpreting II

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 12:12:41 GMConference: Issues in Interpreting II
From: <>
Subject: Conference: Issues in Interpreting II


 Issues in Interpreting II: International Perspectives


The second conference on Issues in Interpreting will be held at the
University of Durham, Durham, England from 19th September to 22nd
September, 1995. This conference follows on from the Issues in Interpreting
conference which was held in Durham in April, 1994.

The conference will focus on interpreting between signed and spoken
languages, but a limited number of papers may be accepted which focus on
related experience from the spoken language field. Similarly, papers which
examine the nature and demands of translation may also be accepted,
particularly where their focus is on the relationship between signed and
spoken languages. Issues relating to theory, practice and policy will be
examined. Relevant topic areas include:

% Professionalism and interpreting
% Ethical Issues
% Deaf involvement in the profession
% Deaf involvement in policy making and service provision
% Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Issues
% Specialist Areas (eg Legal Interpreting and Medical Interpreting
% Changing demands of the 'international scene'
% Training of interpreters

It is expected that the conference will include both formal presentations
and workshop sessions. Submissions are invited from interpreters,
linguists, consumers, policy makers and other interested individuals.
Papers will be evaluated by an international committee.

Presentations will be 30 minutes long with 15 minutes for questions (45
minutes in total). This format will mean that there are fewer presenters in
total than previously, but it will allow more time for discussion.

Submissions to run a workshop on a specific area are encouraged. Workshops
will be two hours in length. It is expected that there will be parallel
workshops. The internal running of the workshop can be controlled by the
workshop organisers, but must include a strong element of group

_Abstract Submissions for Papers_
Abstracts of approximately 5 minutes of BSL or 500 words should be
submitted. Submissions in other sign languages will be accepted, but must
be accompanied by either a BSL or English version. The abstract itself
should be produced separately and should be identified by a title. The
following information should be produced on a filing card:
Title: Title of paper
Author(s) Name(s):
Affiliation/Professional Area: eg Interpreter, Algonquin Interpreting
Agency; Lecturer, Department of Sign Language, University of Gateshead,
Contact Address: Full postal address, including postal/zip code
Text Telephone Number: of main author
Voice Telephone Number: of main author
Fax Number: of main author
E-Mail: Electronic mail address of main author (for contact) followed by
other authors (if any)

_Workshop Submissions_
These should provide the following information:
% Topic Area: An indication of the focus of the workshop
% Contributors: Some general information eg 'working interpreter',
'interpreter trainer'. Names should be given separately (see below)
% Abstracts of each of the contributions and/ or the overall content (we
wish to have some flexibility to allow workshop organisers creative space);
% Organisation: An initial suggestion of how the workshop may be organised:
it is recognised that there may be some adaptation as contributors work
together on the workshop. Full details of organisation will be required
before publication of the programme.

Workshop organisers should include separate file cards including the same
information as those presenting papers. A separate card should be included
for the organiser/co-ordinator and each contributor.

_Conference Organising Committee_
Mary Brennan, University of Durham
David Brien, University of Durham and EFSLI
Liz Scott Gibson, University of Durham and European Forum of Sign Language

% Abstracts to be submitted by March 31st 1995
% Notification of Acceptance: April 31st 1995
% Receipt of signed/written submissions (for interpreters): July 20th, 1995

Further details of the conference will be made available by the end of
January, 1995 and a programme will be made available by May, 31st 1995.

All submissions should be sent to:
Conference Secretariat
Issues in Interpreting II
Deaf Studies Research Unit
University of Durham
Elvet Riverside II
New Elvet
Durham, GB-DH1 3JT


Message posted from:

Graham H. Turner
Deaf Studies Research Unit
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Durham
Elvet Riverside 2
New Elvet
Durham GB DH1 3JT
Tel: +44 91 374 4752
Fax: +44 91 374 4743
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Message 2: Final Call for Papers

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 13:42:06 Final Call for Papers
From: FLSM VI <>
Subject: Final Call for Papers


 ** F L S M VI **

 The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Formal Linguistics Society of Mid-America
 will be hosted by the Indiana University Linguistics Club at Indiana
 University in Bloomington, Indiana on May 19-21, 1995.

******* INVITED SPEAKERS ARE: Michael Kenstowicz (Phonology) ***********
******* Howard Lasnik (Syntax) ***********
******* Alice ter Meulen (Semantics) ***********

 Abstracts are invited for 20-minute talks in all areas of formal
 linguistics (syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics, psycholinguistics,
 etc). Selected papers presented will be published in the FLSM VI
 proceedings, published by the IULC.

 Please submit 10 copies of a one-page anonymous abstract suitable for
 reproduction (an additional page with examples and references may be
 included). Use fonts no smaller than 12 pts. Authors should identify
 themselves on a separate 3" x 5" index card. The card should contain the
 following information:

 title of paper
 name of author
 address / affiliation
 electronic mail address
 phone number

 Send abstracts to:

 FLSM 6 Committee
 Indiana University Linguistics Club
 Department of Linguistics
 322 Memorial Hall
 Indiana University
 Bloomington, Indiana 47405

 Address inquiries electronically to
 or Elizabeth Purnell (

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