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Tue 21 Feb 1995

Confs: 4th Manchester University Postgraduate, AFLA preliminary

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  1. Kersti Bo"rjars, CONF
  2. "PAUL,ILEANA", AFLA preliminary schedule

Message 1: CONF

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 16:16:18 CONF
From: Kersti Bo"rjars <>
Subject: CONF

To: All Linguistics Postgraduate Students

Re: 4th Manchester University Postgraduate Linguistics Conference
March 11th 1995.

Just to remind everyone that the closing date for registration is this
=46riday 24th February. If you require a registration form please contact me=
Julia Barron on e-mail: or write to me at:
The Department of Linguistics
Manchester University
Oxford Road
Manchester M13.
(Please don't reply to Kersti's e-mail number...)

The main speaker will be Liliane Haegeman who will be talking about The New
Comparative Syntax.
There will be 20 papers on a wide range of subjects from postgrads.

Registation costs a mere =A35.00.

A delicious buffet lunch will be available on the day for =A33.00.

If you can't get your registration form back to me in time, just e-mail me
your intention to come and I can take a note. Thanks.

Look forward to seeing you on March 11th at 9.00am.

Julia Barron


Kersti Bo"rjars
Department of Linguistics
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL Tel: +44-(0)61-275 3042
UK Fax: +44-(0)61-275 3187
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Message 2: AFLA preliminary schedule

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 95 14:39:14 ESAFLA preliminary schedule
Subject: AFLA preliminary schedule

The Second Annual AFLA Conference
Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
March 24-26 1995

Preliminary Programme

Friday, March 24
9h00 Registration
10h00-11h00 B.Miller (York University): Focus Affixes and Case
 in Tagalog
11h00-11h40 M.Klamer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Continuative
 Aspect and the Nature of the Dative Clitic in Kambera
11h40-12h20 N.Richards (MIT): Another Look at Tagalog Subjects
14h00-15h00 Guzman (University of Calgary): Tagalog Verbs and
 Tansitivity Revisited
15h00-15h40 E.Sityar (UCLA & University of Arizona): Voice and
 Existential Closure
15h40-16h20 S.Hanitriniaina & J.-Y.Morin (Universite de Montreal)
A Constraint-Based Approach to Causatives and Reciprocals in
16h30-17h30 A. Maclachlan (McGill University): The Inflected
 Infinitival in Tagalog
17h30-18h30 R. McGinn (Ohio University): The Evolution of Focus
 in Rejang

Saturday, March 25
9h00 Registration
10h00-11h00 L.Travis (McGill University): Morphology, Phrase
 Structure and Event Structure in Western Malayo-
 Polynesian Languages
11h00-11h40 V.Phillips (McGill University): The prefix maha
 in Malagasy: Deriving Causation from the Root
11h40-12h20 M.Polinsky (USC): Noun Incorporation in Malagasy
14h00-15h00 D.Finer (SUNY, Stony Brook): TBA
15h00-15h40 J.-Y.Morin & S.Hanitriniaina (Universite de Montreal):
Voice and Diathesis in Malagasy, an HPSG Approach
15h40-16h20 C.Randriamasimanana (Massey University): Null
Subjects and Case Assignment in Malagasy
16h30-17h30 E.Keenan (UCLA): Morphology is Structure: a
 Malagasy Test Case
17h30-18h30 TBA

Sunday, March 26
10h00-11h00 C.Georgopoulos (University of Utah): The Morphology
 of Yes/No Questions and Wh-Questions in Palauan
11h00-11h40 M.Campana (University of Hawai'i): The Structure of
 Inflection in Palauan
11h40-12h20 J.E.Voskuil (Rijksuniversiteit Leiden): A-Bar
 Movement and Verbal Morphology in Indonesian
14h00-15h00 E.Woolford (UMass, Amherst): Definite Object
 Agreement in Austronesian Languages
15h00-16h00 discussion

Alternates: J.C.Finney (American Institute of Higher Studies):
 Is Chamorro Philippine or Formosan? Evidence from
 a Fossilized Casemarker
 C.D.McFarland (Waseda University): Relativization
 in Philippine Languages
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