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Tue 21 Feb 1995

FYI: Dependency grammar, South African confs, BISFAI

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  1. Dan Maxwell, dependency grammar:corrections, reactions, reformatting
  2. Rodrik Wade, WWW page: South African Conferences

Message 1: dependency grammar:corrections, reactions, reformatting

Date: 19 Feb 95 17:59:11 EST
From: Dan Maxwell <>
Subject: dependency grammar:corrections, reactions, reformatting

Apparently I made a few mistakes in the posting about my manuscript on
dependency grammar. This is curious, because I apparently got
everything right on the earlier posting on the same topic to the DG
and HPSG lists. At least two people have informed me that they
successfully ftp-ed everything, but at least two others have had
problems. The address should be:

The suffixes .ps.gz on the file-names (not the address) indicate that
they are compressed, so you need to uncompress them using the command

The slashes in the directory address should be '/' and not '\'.

Presumably because of some sort of software error, I cannot read things in my
inbox. But I put three of the reactions to my previous posting there before I
had grown accustomed to this problem, so I cannot answer these directly, but
will now try to do so through the linguist list.

To the respondent from Finland: you wanted a numerical address. It is:

To the respondent from Taiwan (or was it HongKong?). You noted a
problem with chapter 7. The general problem has now been corrected,
but there may still be a problem with one or two of the examples. If
so, I can send an ASCII file, as you suggested, or a paper copy of
these examples, if you send me a regular mail address, but in either
case you have to write to me again. I am now used to reading my mail
and replying if necessary, or at least writing down the essential
information, before downloading. Nevertheless, I hope the Compuserve
people solve the problem soon.

To the "computer illiterate/dyslexic" (your own term): surely you can
find someone there who is able to help you with the ftp procedure. The
university you are at must have more than its share of experts in this
area. But I can also send you an ASCII version of chapter 1 via email,
if you write to me again.

For the sake of making my files more compatible with the software
linguists most often use, Andreas Kathol has advised me to reformat my
manuscript in LaTeX. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where to get a
LaTeX software packet for use with PCs (what I use). Can anyone help
by giving me a site to ftp from? I am in the process of creating a
LaTex version of the files.

Dan Maxwell
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Message 2: WWW page: South African Conferences

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 22:19:03 WWW page: South African Conferences
From: Rodrik Wade <>
Subject: WWW page: South African Conferences

As part of the WWW pages I have prepared for the Department of
Linguistics, University of Natal (Durban) I have included information on
the following conferences which are being held in South Africa this

1) The conference of the African Languages Association of South Africa,
 12 - 14 July.
2) The conference of the South African Applied Linguistics Association,
 9 - 12 July.
3) The conference of the Linguistics Society of Southern Africa,
 5 - 7 July.
4) The conference of the South African Association for Language
 Teaching, 9 -12 July.
5) The English in Africa Conference, 11 - 14 July.

The URL for the departmental home page is:

You can access the list of conferences directly at the URL:

If there are any other linguistics or related conferences being held in
Southern Africa this year which could be included in this list please let
me know.

Rodrik Wade

Rodrik Wade (
Web Page html://
Post: Dept. of Linguistics Phone: +27 (0)31 260 1131
 University of Natal
 Private Bag X10
 DALBRIDGE 4014, South Africa.
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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 13:13:29 BISFAI DEADLINE EXTENSION!
From: Daniel Radzinski <>


The deadline for the Bar-Ilan Symposium on Foundations of Artificial
Intelligence has been extended to February 27. The conference itself
will take place as scheduled, June 20-22, in Ramat-Gan and Jerusalem,

For more information contact:

Daniel Radzinski Tovna Translation Machines Jerusalem, Israel
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