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Wed 22 Feb 1995

Qs: First names of authors

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Message 1: Sum/Qs: first names

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 16:55:28 MESum/Qs: first names
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Subject: Sum/Qs: first names

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from Wilma Elsing,

Dear LINGUIST-ers!

About a week ago, I sent a query to the list, asking people to help
me with the first names of authors which are mentioned in one of the
papers in the book on SLA research my supervisor (prof. dr. Peter
Jordens) is editing.

Thanks everyone who took the time to respond to my query!
(untill today i.e. Bill Croft, Geert Verleyen, Shanley Allen, Larry
Trask, Julia S. Falk, Bernd Moebius, Brian Joseph, Alice Faber, Peter
J. Bailey, Stefanie Jannedy, James J. Jenkins, Udo Fries, Steve
Harlow, Michael Job)

Most of the 'blanks' are filled in by now:
 Bailey, Peter
 Cherry, E(dward) Colin
 Cruse, D(avid) Alan
 Siqueland, Einar R.
 Vigorito, James
 Syrdal-Lasky, Ann
 Polka, Linda
 Roach, Daniel
 Sendlmeier, Una M.
 Zlatin, Marsha
 Koenigsknecht, Roy

There are only four 'problems' left; we would be grateful if anyone
could help us 'solve' them! (If you know one or more names, please
respond directly to me:

These are the names we are still looking for:
Missler, R.
 Missler, R. (1986), "Analytic and synthetic cognitive
 functioning: A critical review of evidence bearing on
 field dependence", Journal of Research in Personality 20:
Rounds, P.L.
 Burmeister, Hartmut & P.L. Rounds (eds) (1990), Proceedings
 of the 10th meeting of the Second Language Research Forum, I.
 Eugene, OR: Department of Linguistics and American English
 Institute, University of Oregon.
Doron, S.
 Doron, S. (1973), Reflectivity-Impulsivity and their
 influence on reading for adult students of ESL [Unpublished
 paper, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Kachroo, J.N.
 Kachroo, J.N. (1962), "Report on an investigation into the
 teaching of vocabulary in the first year of English",
 Bulletin of he Central Institute of English 2: 67-72.

There are two more questions I would like to ask:
* Does anybody know whether the following book has already appeared?

 Strange, Winifred (in press), Speech perception and
linguistic experience: Theoretical and methodological issues in cross-
language speech research. Timonium, MD: York Press.

* We don't have the following book in the libraries, therefor we are
not able to find the page-numbers of the following article:

 Rizzi, Luigi (1978), "Violation of the wh-island constraint
in Italian and the subjacency condition" In: Colette Dubuisson, David
Lightfoot, Yves Charles Morin (eds) (1978), Montreal Working Papers
in Linguistics II. Montreal: L'association linguistique de Montreal,
Canada, p. ... - ... .

Thanks again for your help!

Wilma Elsing

 Drs. Wilma Elsing
 Free University
 Dept. of Applied Linguistics
 De Boelelaan 1105
 tel.: +31 20 4446410
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