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Books: Language Acquisition, Phonetics & Phonology

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The Malfrfpirannssknir (Linguist Research) series
Volume III: Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir: Spurnarsetningar i mali tveggja
islenskra barna (The Interrogative in the Speech of Two Icelandic
Children). Prize: USD 16.
This is an account of research on the development of interogative
sentences in the speech of two Icelandic children from the age of two
to three and a half. A number of conclusions are drawn, among them
the observation that the first questions of Icelandic children begin
with "viltu" 'do you want to' and usually function as requests.
Chitoran, Ioana & Ayako Tsuchida (eds.), WORKING PAPERS OF THE CORNELL
 PHONETICS LABORATORY NO. 9 1994 283pp. paperbound
 cost: $11.00 (prepaid)
Papers by J. ALcantara, I. Chitoran, A. C. Cohn & K. Lockwood, K. de Jong,
J.-I. Han, H. Kim & A. Jongman, R. Letterman, A. Tsuchida, D. Zec on a variety
of topics in phonetics, phonology, and interface issues.
For further information on the contents of this and other DMLL Publications
and how to order, please contact DMLL Publications at
The Malfrfpirannssknir (Linguist Research) series
Volume IV: Petur Helgason: On Coarticulation and Connected Speech
Processes in Icelandic. USD 11. Written in English.
The author examines the pronunciation of connected speech, including
the assimilations and elisions currently taking place in Icelandic.
To order the books from Malfrfpirannssknir (Linguist Research) series,
please write to:
Institute of Linguistics
University of Iceland
Arnagardur v/Sudurgotu
101 Reykjavik
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