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Tue 28 Feb 1995

Calls: Swahili dictionary, RECENT ADVANCES IN NLP

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  1. Martin Benjamin, Swahili Dictionary on the Net
  2. Nicolas Nicolov, CFP - RECENT ADVANCES IN NLP

Message 1: Swahili Dictionary on the Net

Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 14:29:51 EST
From: Martin Benjamin <>
Subject: Swahili Dictionary on the Net
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
We would like to invite your participation in the Internet Living Swahili
Dictionary Project. The project joins Swahili scholars and learners from
around the world who are together creating new reference tools for the Swahili
language. You may access the project in several ways:
1) For our file answering Frequently Asked Questions, please e-mail with an information request.
2) To subscribe to the discussion list that is developing the project, please
 send e-mail to with the following message:
 subscribe kamusi-l firstname lastname (making the obvious substitutions)
3) To reach our gopher server, where you can find the faq file, list of project
 participants, and current working dictionary files, make your way to the
 yaleinfo gopher (in connecticut, in usa, in north america, in the list of
 all the gophers in the world). Select "Yale Related Gophers," then select
 Swahili Dictionary Gopher. Our technical gopher address is: port 7702
4) We are currently accessable through the World Wide Web through the address:
 We will soon have a bona fide homepage that you can reach from the main Yale
 page and from various remote hotlinks, but the above address will continue
 to work.
We welcome your inquiries and participation. Please forward this memo to
people you think might be interested.
Thank you,
Ann Biersteker,
Martin Benjamin,
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 95 23:38:50 GMT
From: Nicolas Nicolov <>
* Please post: Second Call For Papers
 International Conference
 14-16 September 1995
 Velingrad, Bulgaria
Papers reporting on recent advances in all aspects of Natural Language
Processing and Language Engineering are invited, including but not
limited to: pragmatics, discourse, semantics, syntax, and the lexicon;
phonetics, phonology, and morphology; text understanding and
generation; multilingual NLP, machine translation, machine-aided
translation, translation aids and tools; corpus-based language
processing; written and spoken natural language interfaces; knowledge
acquisition; text summarization; computer-assisted language learning;
language resources; evaluation, assessment and standards in language
engineering; and theoretical and application-oriented papers related
to NLP of every kind.
The conference welcomes also new results in NLP based on modern
alternative theories and methodologies to the mainstream techniques of
symbolic NLP such as analogy-based, statistical, connectionist as well
as hybrid and multimedia approaches.
In view of the recent explosion of the use of on-line language
resources the conference especially welcomes contributions in the area
of language engineering.
B. Boguraev (Apple Computer, Cupertino)
C. Boitet (IMAG, Grenoble)
E. Charniak (Brown University)
K.S. Choi (KAIST, Taejon)
A. DeRoeck (University of Essex)
R. Delmonte (University of Venice)
S. Finch (University of Edinburgh)
G. Goerz (University of Erlangen)
E. Hajicova (Charles University, Prague)
J. Haller (IAI, Saarbruecken)
P. Jacobs (SRA, Arlington)
A. Joshi (University of Pennsylvania)
L. Kartunen (Xerox Grenoble)
M. Kay (Xerox, Palo Alto)
R. Kittredge (University of Montreal)
K. Kukich (Bellcore, Morristown)
J. Mariani (LIMSI, Orsay)
C. Martin-Vide (University Rovira i Virgili)
Y. Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
K. McKeown (Columbia University)
R. Mitkov (IAI/Institute of Mathematics)
S. Nirenburg (New Mexico State University)
M. Pinkal (University of Saarland, Saarbruecken)
A. Ramsey (University College Dublin)
H. Somers (UMIST, Manchester)
P. Seuren (University of Nijmegen)
O. Stock (IRST, Trento)
B. Tsou (City Polytechnic of Hong Kong)
J. Tsujii (UMIST, Manchester)
D. Tufis (Romanian Academy of Sciences)
D. Yarowsky (University of Pennsylvania)
M. Zock (LISMI, Orsay)
A. Joshi (University of Pennsylvania)
J. Tsujii (UMIST, Manchester)
C. Boitet (IMAG, Grenoble)
Papers not exceeding 3500 words should be submitted via Email
(preferably as plain text or in LaTeX format) not later than 20 April
1995 to:
The first page should also contain the surface and Email address(es)
of the author(s), as well as the topic area.
Papers should be submitted electronically or in hard copy to:
 Ruslan Mitkov
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Hamburg
 Vogt Koelln St. 30
 22527 Hamburg
If electronic submission is problematic (e.g. due to non-standard
format, characters, graphics) not possible, 4 copies of the paper
should be sent.
Authors must submit their papers by 20 April 1995. Notification of
receipt will be mailed to the first author (or designated author) soon
after receipt. Authors will be notified of acceptance by 20 June
1995. Camera-ready versions of the accepted papers, preferably using a
laser printer, must be received by 20 July 1995.
The town of Velingrad is situated in a picturesque valley in the
Western Rhodope mountains and is only 130km from Sofia, the capital
of Bulgaria. The local organizers will provide a daily shuttle bus/
conference taxi from Sofia airport to the conference location
at an inexpensive rate. Sofia is easily accessible by plane from most
of the major European cities (e.g. daily flights or several flights
per week from London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Vienna and other
European cities). There are also direct flights to Sofia from North
America (New York) and Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur).
Ruslan Mitkov IAI Saarbruecken/Institute of Mathematics, Sofia
Michael Zock LIMSI, Orsay, France
Manfred Kudlek University of Hamburg, Germany
Nikolai Nikolov Incoma/School of Computational Linguistics, Bulgaria
Nicolas Nicolov Dept. of AI, University of Edinburgh, UK
Academic staff - USD 140
Full-time students - USD 100
Researchers in industry - USD 180
The registration fee includes attendance at the conference, a copy of
the proceedings, refreshments and a reception.
For further information contact:
 Nicolas Nicolov
 Dept of Artificial Intelligence
 University of Edinburgh
 80 South Bridge
 Edinburgh EH1 1HN
 Tel: +44-131 650 2727
 Fax: +44-131 650 6516
Anyone wishing to arrange an exhibit or present a demonstration should
send a brief description together with a specification of physical
requirements (space, power, telephone connections, tables, etc.) to
the above address. The organisers can provide PCs and Macintoshes.
WWW and FTP:
Information about the International Conference "Recent Advances in
Natural Language Processing" is available via:
- WWW at URL:
- anonymous FTP from in file: pub/user/
 Here is an example of how to get the same file by FTP (user input is
 $ ftp
 Name ( nicolas): anonymous
 Password: (- Type in your email here!
 ftp) cd pub/user
 ftp) get (- PostScript version
 ftp) get adv_nlp.txt (- Plain Text File
Conference participants are also invited to take part in the
International Summer School "Contemporary Topics in Computational
Linguistics", which will take place just before the conference in
Tzigov Chark, Batak Lake, only 20 km from Velingrad.
Further information about the summer school can be obtained from:
Prof. R. Mitkov ( or
Nicolas Nicolov (
Industrial participants are invited to demonstrate their NLP-related
products as well as publishing companies to exhibit their new books
on NLP. Company representatives should inform Nicolas Nicolov
( of their intention and publishing
houses should contact Dr.R.Mitkov (
NB Prof. Ruslan Mitkov's NEW email is:
An alternative program can be arranged for persons accompanying
delegates. Among the places which can be visited is Plovdiv, the
second largest and oldest Bulgarian city, beautifully situated on
7 hills 80 km away from Velingrad.
A third call for papers, including more information on invited talks,
and conference location will be posted in due time.
The information about the conference will be kept updated on the ftp
site and on the WWW (mentioned above).
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