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Sun 05 Mar 1995

Confs: KFLC Program, BU Conference on Lg Development '95- Call

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  1. Greg Stump, KFLC Program
  2. BU Conference on Language Development, BU Conference on Language Development '95- Call

Message 1: KFLC Program

Date: Thu, 02 Mar 95 15:57:02 ESKFLC Program
From: Greg Stump <>
Subject: KFLC Program

In addition to numerous sessions on literary topics and on language
pedagogy, this year's Kentucky Foreign Language Conference will include
the following sessions on linguistics:

Friday afternoon, April 21

Morphosyntax I

2:00 Evaluative Affixation and Lexical Compounding
 in Spanish: An Account within Optimality Theory
 Norma G. Catalan, Georgetown University
2:30 Cliticization in Old Spanish and the Principle
 of Phonology-Free Syntax
 Harry Howard, Tulane University
3:00 Adjective Agreement and pro Identification:
 Germanic v.Romance
 Enrique Mallen, University of Florida
3:30 The Chain Condition in the Minimalist Framework
 Jelly Julia de Jong, University of Groningen
4:30 On Strong and Weak Possessives in Old French
 Deborah Arteaga, University of
 Nevada-Las Vegas

Saturday morning, April 22

Morphosyntax II

9:00 Subordination, Topicalization, and
 Nominalization in Proto-Tupi-Guarani
 Charles Schleicher, University of
9:30 Doing Without a Do-er: The Repercussions of
 Nonagentive Subjects in the Analysis of
 the Breton ober Conjugation
 Robin Schafer, University of Califomia-
 San Diego
10:00 Malagasy Phrase Structure: A Problem for the LCA
 Rob Pensalfini, Massachusetts Institute of
 Technology and Dawn MacLaughlin, Boston
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Gustar and Gostar: A Constrastive Analysis of
 Experiencer and Non-Experiencer Constructions
 in Spanish and Portuguese
 Linda McManness, Baylor University
11:30 Considerations sur la categorie de "mode verbal"
 E. de Vicente, Universidad Complutense de
 Madrid, and Caroline Foullioux, Universidad
 Auton6ma de Madrid

Saturday afternoon


2:00 The Symbolic Nature of Esperanto
 Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville
2:30 Language Planning for Global Use
 John Lihani, University of Kentucky
3:00 Old Spanish s/x Alternation: A Salient Feature
 Spreading in a Dialect-Contact Situation
 Jose del Valle, Miami University
3:30 Velarization of -r- vs. Homophonetic
 Neutralization of Liquids: Diastratic
 Implications in a Puerto Rican Dialect
 Hilton Alers-Valentin, University of
 Massachusetts-Amherst and
 Gloria D. Prosper-Sanchez, University of
4:00 Constraint Interaction and the Case of Portuguese
 Eric Holt, Georgetown University
4:30 The Strict Layer Hypothesis and Sandhi Variation
 Michael L. Mazzola, Northern Illinois
5:00 Arrernte: A Case for VC(C) Syllabification
 Rob Pensalfini, Massachusetts Institute of

For information on conference registration and hotel
accommodations, please contact Greg Stump at
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Message 2: BU Conference on Language Development '95- Call

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 95 23:53:40 -05BU Conference on Language Development '95- Call
From: BU Conference on Language Development <>
Subject: BU Conference on Language Development '95- Call

 The 20th Annual
 Boston University Conference on Language Development
 November 3, 4 and 5, 1995

 Keynote Speaker: Lila Gleitman, University of Pennsylvania
 Plenary Speaker: Lydia White, McGill University
All topics in the field of language acquisition will be fully considered,
 Bilingualism Literacy
 Cognition & Language Narrative
 Creoles & Pidgins Neurolinguistics
 Discourse Pragmatics
 Exceptional Language Pre-linguistic Development
 Input & Interaction Signed Languages
 Language Disorders Sociolinguistics
 Lexicon Speech Perception & Production
 Linguistic Theory (Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Morphology)

Abstracts submitted must represent original, unpublished research.
Presentations will be 20 minutes long, plus 10 minutes for questions.

 1) six copies of an anonymous, clearly titled 450-word
 summary for review
 2) one copy of a 150-word abstract for use in conference
 program book if abstract is accepted; (if your paper is
 accepted, you will be asked to resubmit your 150-word
 abstract in electronic form, either on diskette or by
 e-mail. Requests for these program abstracts will be
 sent with acceptance letters.)
 3) one 3 x 5 card stating:
 i) title, ii) topic area, iii) audiovisual requests, and
 iv) for EACH author:
 a) Full name & affiliation d) Summer address & phone
 b) Current address & phone e) Summer e-mail address
 c) E-mail address f) Fax number

Please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard for acknowledgment
of receipt. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by
late July. Pre-registration materials and preliminary schedule will
be available in late August 1995.

All authors who present papers at the conference will be invited to
contribute their papers to the Proceedings Volumes. Those papers will
be due in January, 1996.

Note: All conference papers will be selected on the basis of abstracts
submitted. Although each abstract will be evaluated individually, we will
attempt to honor requests to schedule accepted papers together in group

 DEADLINE: All submissions must be RECEIVED by May 1, 1995.

Send submissions to:
 Boston University
 Conference on Language Development
 138 Mountfort Street
 Boston, MA 02215 U.S.A.

 Telephone: (617) 353-3085
 E-mail: (automated reply)

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 We are pleased to announce that Cascadilla Press will be publishing
the proceedings of the 19th annual Boston University Conference on
Language Development, which was held this past November, 1994. The
proceedings will be published in two volumes in March 1995, and will
contain 58 papers, including the keynote address by Andrew Radford and
the plenary address by Jill de Villiers. A portion of the revenues will
go to help the conference.

 The price of the volumes is just $42.00 plus shipping. Shipping is as

US: $3.00 US: $5.00 Canada: $7.00
Foreign: $4.00 Mexico, Latin and South America: $9.00
 Europe: $15.00 All other: $20.00

 Cascadilla Press accepts Visa and MasterCard, checks and money orders
in U.S. dollars, and purchase orders. You can call Cascadilla Press at
617-776-2370 to order by credit card, or you can mail, fax, or e-mail
the following order form to Cascadilla Press:
YES! I want the proceedings of the 19th annual BU Conference on
Language Development (two volumes) sent to me hot off the presses
in March 1995. Please accept the enclosed check or bill my credit
card for $42.00 plus shipping. MA residents add 5% sales tax to
the total.

E-mail address:
Visa/Mastercard number: Expiration date:
Signature (for credit card orders mailed or faxed):
Shipping (surface or air mail):

Total price:

SEND TO: Cascadilla Press, P.O. Box 440355, Somerville, MA 02144
617-776-2370 * fax: 617-776-2271 * e-mail:
Standing orders are also welcome for the BU Proceedings. By placing a
standing order, you will receive a copy of the proceedings every year
as soon as they are published, along with an invoice for the
prepublication price. Simply let Cascadilla Press know that you would
like to place a standing order for the proceedings, the shipping method
you prefer, and provide a purchase order number if applicable.

If you would like your library to add the BU Proceedings to their
collection, please let them know! They may not yet know that the
proceedings will be available, or that their patrons would like to
find the proceedings in their holdings.
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