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Fri 10 Mar 1995

Sum: French course textbook

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  1. Richard Epstein, summary: French course

Message 1: summary: French course

Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 21:57:29 PSTsummary: French course
From: Richard Epstein <epsteinbend.UCSD.EDU>
Subject: summary: French course

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A few weeks ago I posted a request for information regarding textbooks
for an undergraduate Linguistics course on the structures of French. I'd
like to express my thanks to the people listed below for responding, and
for all their very helpful suggestions:

Helene Ossipov
Kristina Harris
K. Heilenman
Lisa Reed
Raphael Salkie
Paul Rowlett
Michael Picone
E. Dean Detrich
Hilary G Sachs
Laurel Watkins
Adee Matan
Nelson Rojas

Here's a bibliography containing some of the possible textbooks. The first
one listed (Battye & Hintze) was the most widely cited; most people seemed
pleased with it, but not everyone. Several respondants said that there
simply was no satisfactory textbook for such a course (at least among
books written in English).

Adrian Battye & Marie-Anne Hintze (1992). The French Language Today.
 London: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-07814-8 (pbk)

Chiss, J.-L., J. Filliolet & D. Maingeneau (1978). Linguistique francaise:
 Initiation a la problematique structurale. Paris: Hachette.

Eluerd, Roland (1984). Pour aborder la linguistique. Paris: Les Editions ESF.

Leon, P., P. Bhatt & R. Baligand (1992). Structure du francais moderne.
 Toronto: Canadian Scholar's Press.

Ager, Dennis (1990). Sociolinguistics and comtemporary French. Cambridge U.
 Press. (ISBN: 0-521-39730-8 (p))

Walter, Henriette (1994). French inside and out. Routledge. (ISBN:
 0-415-07670-6) (first published in French: Le francais dans tous
 les sens, Robert Laffont.)

Judge, Anne and F.G. Healey (1983). A reference grammar of modern French.
 London: Edward Arnold. (ISBN: 0-7131-6453-0)

Grundstrom, Allan W. (1983). L'analyse du francais. Lanham: University
 Press of America. (ISBN: 0-8191-3569-0)

Thanks once again to everyone who responded!

Rich Epstein
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