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Thu 16 Mar 1995

Sum: Five words in lots of languages

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Message 1: Five words in lots of languages

Date: 6 Mar 95 13:35
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Subject: Five words in lots of languages

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Dear wonderfully cooperative LINGUIST readers,

The reponse to my request for translations in lots of languages of the words:


was such that I now have 66 languages. I could do with lots more though, so
if you can give me these words in a language which doesn't appear in the list
below, I'd be grateful:

Maltese, Moore, Hungarian, Gilbertese, Salinan/Hokan, Fula, Wolof,
Hawaiian, Marshallese, Bislama, Fijian, Tagalog, Cantonese, Southern
Min, Mandarin, Pitjantjatjara, Bahasa, Achumawi, Chickusaw, Modern
Western Armenian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic, Upper Sorbian,
Chechen, Egyptian hieroglyphic, Turkish, Basque, Lappish/Sa(a)mi,
Norwegian, West Frisian, Danish, Swahili, Breton, Irish, San Miguel
Chimalapa Zoque, Classical Greek, Latin, Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian,
Croatian, Czech, Eastern (Meadow) Mari, Erzya Mordvin, Farsi, Finnish,
French, Galician, Modern Greek, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Nenets, Occitan, Polish, Rumanian, Russian, Shoshoni, Slovene,
Swedish, Thai, Welsh

And many thanks again to all those who responded to my original request.

Paul Rowlett
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