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Confs: Discourse Colloquium, ISFC95 Computational Section, SALT 5

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  1. Dan Everett, Discourse Colloquium, Final Program
  2. Elke Teich, ISFC95 computational section
  3. , Semantics and Ling. Theory 5 - Program

Message 1: Discourse Colloquium, Final Program

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 19:38:01 Discourse Colloquium, Final Program
From: Dan Everett <>
Subject: Discourse Colloquium, Final Program

 Final Announcement of Colloquium:

 DISCOURSE: Linguistic, Computational, and
 Philosophical Perspectives

SESSION ONE: Friday, March 24, 1995, 2PM-4PM
 "Patterns of Natural Discourse"

Speaker - Wallace Chafe, University of California, Santa Barbara,

Discussants - Scott Soames, Princeton University, Philosophy.
 - Lauren Resnick, University of Pittsburgh, Learning Research
 and Development Center.

Session Chair - Sarah Grey Thomason, University of Pittsburgh, Linguistics.

SESSION TWO: Friday, March 24, 4:30-6:30PM
 "The Need for Plans in Natural Discourse"

Speaker - Johanna Moore, University of Pittsburgh, Computer Science.

Discussants - Daniel Everett, University of Pittsburgh, Linguistics.
 - Julia Hirschberg, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Computer Science.

Session Chair - Martha Pollack, University of Pittsburgh, Computer Science.
Saturday, March 25, 9-10AM - Continental Breakfast

SESSION THREE: Saturday, March 25, 10AM-NOON
 "Intonation and Information in Spoken Discourse"

Speaker - Mark Steedman, University of Pennsylvania, Computer Science.

Discussants - Ellen Prince, University of Pennsylvania, Linguistics.
 - Nicholas Asher, University of Texas, Philosophy.

Session Chair - Gerald Massey, University of Pittsburgh, Center for
Philosophy of Science.

SESSION FOUR: Saturday, March 25, 2-4PM
 "The Cognitive Bases of Functional Interaction in

Speaker - Russell Tomlin, University of Oregon, Linguistics.

Discussants - Candy Sidner, Lotus Development Corporation, Computer
 - Clark Glymour, Carnegie Mellon University, Philosophy.

Session Chair - John Haugeland, University of Pittsburgh, Philosophy.

SESSION FIVE: Saturday, March 25, 4:30-6:30PM
 "The Structure of Discourse"

Speaker - Jerry R. Hobbs, SRI, Computer Science

Discussants - Michael Rochemont, University of British Columbia,
 - Peter Machamer, University of Pittsburgh, History &
 Philosophy of Science.

Session Chair - Kurt Van Lehn, University of Pittsburgh, Psychology.

BANQUET: Saturday, March 25 8PM-9:30PM.


Sunday, March 26, 9-10AM - Continental Breakfast

SESSION SIX: Sunday, March 25, 10AM-Noon
 "Where Lexical Semantics and Discourse Semantics Meet"

Speaker - Hans Kamp, University of Stuttgart, Philosophy.

Discussants - Bob Carpenter, Carnegie Mellon University, Computational
 - Megan Moser, University of Pittsburgh, Linguistics.

Session Chair - Wilfried Sieg, Carnegie Mellon University, Philosophy.

SESSION SEVEN: Sunday, March 25, 1:30-3:30PM
 "Anaphoric Destressing and Ellipsis"

Speaker - Edwin Williams, Princeton University, Linguistics.

Discussants - Robert Brandom, University of Pittsburgh, Philosophy.
 - Barbara DiEugenio, Carnegie Mellon University, Computational

Session Chair - Nuel Belnap, University of Pittsburgh, Philosophy.

Organizers: Daniel Everett and Sarah Grey Thomason


There are no registration fees for this conference. To receive hotel
information, maps, etc. please write to Dan Everett
( or send a letter to University of Pittsburgh,
Center for Philosophy of Science, 817 Cathedral of Learning,
Pittsburgh, PA 15260. There will be a $20.00 charge to those wishing
to attend the banquet on Saturday night ($10.00 for students).
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Message 2: ISFC95 computational section

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 12:52:26 ISFC95 computational section
From: Elke Teich <>
Subject: ISFC95 computational section




 The 22nd International Systemic-Functional Congress

 Beijing, China

 18-22 July 1995

 The involvement of Systemic Functional Linguistics in computational
 applications has grown to a point at which it would be beneficiary
 to take stock of the various ongoing activities.

 There are a number of interesting problems that arise
 if one uses Systemic Functional theory for natural language
 processing (NLP). The goal of the section is to give researchers
 using Systemic Functional theory (or aspects of it)
 for NLP applications a chance to talk about issues of common interest,
 introduce their approaches to particular problems and (perhaps)
 work out solutions together.

 The idea is to organize the section as a mixture of talks and extensive
 discussions. If it turns out that there are some really BURNING
 issues, it is also possible to have workshops tailored to particular

 If you are interested in participating

 - Please fill in the attached
 form and e-mail it back to me (

 - If you want to give a talk or introduce a topic for discussion
 or for a workshop, please e-mail an abstract of about 1-2 pages to me
 ( The abstract should include a title,
 your name and affiliation, a list of references and an indication of
 what it is intended as (talk, topic for discussion or workshop).
 Please send the abstract also, if you have already sent an abstract
 to the general call for papers of ISFC95.

 Also, if you can think of anybody else who would be interested in
 participating, please forward this mail to them.

 The deadline for submissions and suggestions is the 15th of February

 For general information about the conference please send mail to:



 ADDRESS (inlcuding e-mail):



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Message 3: Semantics and Ling. Theory 5 - Program

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 14:35:53 Semantics and Ling. Theory 5 - Program
From: <>
Subject: Semantics and Ling. Theory 5 - Program

Preliminary Program: Semantics and Linguistic Theory 5 (SALT 5)

University of Texas at Austin, February 24 - 26, 1995
Flawn Academic Center, 4th Floor

Conference fees: $35, $25 for students. Please make checks payable to
the University of Texas at Austin.

Rooms have been reserved in the Driskill hotel in downtown Austin,
phone (512)474-5911. Please mention that you take part in the SALT
conference in order to get the special rate of $65 single, $75 double room.
In case you are looking for someone to share a double room, please send
us an e-mail with your name and address before January 15; we will then
send you the list of persons that are looking for a room mate as well.

Further information:
Dept. of Linguistics
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1196
(Please note that we will check e-mail only sporadically
between December 24 and January 16.)

(Names of invited speakers appear in CAPITALS)

Thursday, February 23:

8-11 Registration and Get-together in the Driskill hotel

Friday, February 24:

8-9 Registration
9-10 RAY JACKENDOFF, Brandeis University:
 "The Conceptual Structure of Intending and Volitional Action"
10-10.40 Jost Zwarts, Utrecht University:
 "The Semantics of Relative Position"
10.40-11 Break
11-11.40 Alex Lascarides, University of Edinburgh,
 Ann Copestake, Stanford University:
 "The Pragmatics of Word Meaning"
11.40-12.20 Anatoli Strigin, Max Planck Group "Structural Grammar", Berlin:
 "Abductive Inference During Update: The German preposition 'with'"
12.20-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.10 Claudia Maienborn, Humboldt University, Berlin:
 "Towards a Compositional Semantics for Locative Modifiers"
2.10-2.50 Giulia Centineo, UCSC/UCB:
 "The Distribution of the Clitic 'si' in Italian Transitive/
 Inchoative Pairs"
2.50-3.10 Break
3.10-3.50 Robin Schafer, UCSC/UCSD:
 "The SLP/ILP Distinction in 'Have' Predication"
3.50-4.30 Chris Barker, University of Rochester:
 "Episodic '-ee' in English"
4.30-4.50 Break
4.50-5.30 Friederike Moltmann, CUNY:
 "Deriving Readings of Part Structure Modifiers"
5.30-6.30 ARNIM VON STECHOW, University of Tuebingen:
 "The Proper Representation of Tense"

Saturday, February 25:

9-10 STANLEY PETERS, Stanford University:
10-10.40 Satoshi Tomioka, University of Massachusetts at Amherst:
 "Focus Restricts Scope: Quantifier in VP Ellipsis"
10.40-11 Break
11-11.40 Jan Lerner, Manfred Pinkal, University of Saarbruecken:
 "Comparative Ellipsis and Variable Binding"
11.40-12.20 Toshiyuki Ogihara, University of Washington, Seattle:
 "Non-factual 'Before' and Adverbs of Quantification"
12.20-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.10 Jeroen Groenendijk, University of Amsterdam:
 "Definite Descriptions in Update Semantics"
2.10-2.50 Reinhard Blutner, Max Planck Group "Structural Grammar", Berlin:
 "'Normality' in Update Semantics"
2.50-3.10 Break
3.10-3.50 Yoad Winter, OTS, Utrecht:
 "Syncategorematic Conjunction and Structured Meanings"
3.50-4.30 Daniel Buering, University of Cologne:
 "The Great Scope Inversion Conspiracy"
4.30-5.00 Business Meeting
5.30 Excursion to THE SALT LICK RESTAURANT, Hays County (Texas BBQ)

Sunday, February 26:

9-10 VENEETA DAYAL, Rutgers University:
 "Licensing 'any' in Non-Modal/Non-Negative Contexts"
10-10.40 Eric Jackson, University of Groningen:
 "Negative Polarity and General Statements"
10.40-11 Break
11-11.40 Maria Uribe-Echevarria, UCI:
 "Negative Polarity Licensing, Indefinites, and Complex Preciates"
11.40-12.20 Utpal Lahiri, UCI:
 "On Negative Polarity Items in Hindi"

Anastasia Giannakidou, University of Groningen:
 "Subjunctive, Habituality, and the Licensing of Polarity Items"
Polly Jacobson, Brown University:
 "On Apparent Exceptions to Weak Crossover in a Variable-Free Semantics"
(One other alternate paper)
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