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Wed 22 Mar 1995

Sum: References on formal models of discourse

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  1. Catherine WALTHER, SUM: ref. on formal models of discourse

Message 1: SUM: ref. on formal models of discourse

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 15:54:58 SUM: ref. on formal models of discourse
From: Catherine WALTHER <>
Subject: SUM: ref. on formal models of discourse

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a message for one of my students who was
looking for references re. formal models of discourse to use as the basis
for an automatic analyzer for political discourse. We received a
comprehensive bibliography from
 Ann Lindvall (
and various useful indications from
 Arild Hestvik (
 Alice S. Horning (
 Massimo Poesio (
 Livia Polanyi (liviaCsli.Stanford.EDU)
 David Traum ( in Rochester)

Massimo Poesio also mentioned he's involved in ``a project called `FRACAS' one
of whose goals is to assess the state of the art in `computational semantics',
which these days involves a lot of work on discourse; the deliverables of the
project are freely available and can be read through the world wide web at [...]''.

Compiled bibliography and pointers follow.
Thanks to everybody.
Catherine Walther

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Further pointers went to Heim, Lascarides, E. Prince, Ward, Birner, Vallduvi,
Walker, Reichman, Hobb, Mann & Thompson, Grosz & Sidner, Scha & Polanyi, Werth,
Grimes, Longacre.
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