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Generative French Phonology: retrospective and perspectives
Chantal Lyche, editor
p. 287, Middlesex: AFLS/ESRI
The book presents a number of the papers read at the International
Phonology Workshop held in Aix-en-Provence, Sept. 93. The aim of the
workshop was to survey the field of French phonology 25 years after the
publication of S. Schane's 'French Phonology and Morphology'.
The book includes 13 papers illustrating several non-linear frameworks and
it covers a wide range of topics from the syllable to sociolinguistics
The book can be ordered from:
European Studies and Research Institute
Department of Modern Languages
Crescent House
Salford, M5 4WT
Kristinsson, Ari Pall; The Pronunciation of Modern Icelandic (written in
English), 67 pp. Prize: USD 10.- (prepaid, sending cost included).
Cassette; Prize USD 17.-
This is a teaching text on pronunciation, adapted to the needs of foreign
speakers. The author concentrates on Icelandic spelling and the sounds each
letter represents, with special emphasis on those aspects experience has shown
to be problematic for foreign speakers. The book contains fifty-six exercises,
in which the pronunciation of single words and sentences is illustrated by
phonic script, which for simplification purposes has been slightly adapted to
spelling. These exercises are also available on cassette, where the words are
read out with pauses in between, to give the student time to listen and repeat.
Svavarsdottir, Asta and Margriet Jonsdottir; Islenska fyrir utlendinga
(Icelandic for Foreign Speakers), 236 pp. Written in Icelandic. Prize: USD 24.-
This is a grammar intended for foreign speakers. It is particularly suited for
beginners, with whom the authors have a lot of experience. The book is divided
into four main parts, each of wich is further divided in to six chapters. The
grammar deals with the basic rules of accidence and syntax of modern Icelandic.
Because it has been written with complete beginners in mind, the main emphasis
is on the most common and regular grammatical rules.
Svavarsdottir, Asta; Aefingar med enskum glosum og leidriettingarlyklum
(Exercices with English Glossary and Key) for use with Islenska fyrir
utlendinga (Icelandic for Foreign Speakers) above, 131 pp. Prize: USD
16.- This is a book of exercises intended to reinforce the student's
knowledge of the Icelandic rules and syntax as described in Islenska
fyrir utlendinga. Its format follows that of the teaching text, with
four main parts, each divided into six chapters, making it very easy
to use with Islenska fyrir utlendinga. It contains Icelandic-English
Jonsdottir, Margriet; Aefingar (Exercises) to Islenska fyrir utlendinga,
182 pp. Prize: USD 21.-
This book contains exercises to reinforce the student's knowledge of
grammatical forms and sentence construction acquired in Islenska fyrir
utlendinga (Icelandic for Foreign Speakers). The exercises are divided into
four parts, with each part further divided into six chapters, like the book,
which makes it very easy to use the two books together. The book contains
three glossaries, Icelandic-French, Icelandic-Swedish and Icelandic-German.
These books are available from:
Institute of Linguistics
University of Iceland
Arnagardi v/Sudurgotu
101 Reykjavik
and can be ordered through surface mail or through e-mail:
and are prepaid.
ELING, PAUL (University of Nijmegen) (ed.). Reader in the History of Aphasia.
>From Franz Gall to Norman Geschwind
Hb: 90 272 1893 5 US$110.00 / Hfl.200,--
The study of language and the brain is heavily dependent on work of
the early aphasiologists, and those wanting to be acquainted with the
discipline will come across frequent references to these classic
authors. This collection brings together seminal publications by 19th-
and 20th-century neurologists concerned with the relationship between
language and the brain. The book includes biographical sketches of the
authors discussed, and bibliographies of their relevant publications.
Texts by: Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828) [Claus Heeschen]; Paul Broca
(1824-1915) (Paul Eling]; Carl Wernicke [1848-1905] (Antoine Keyser];
Henry Charlton Bastian (1837-1915) [John C. Marshall]; John Hughlings
Jackson (1835-1911) [Bento P. M. Schulte]; Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
[O.R. Hommes); Jules Dejerine (1849-1947) [W. O. Renierl; Pierre Marie
(1853-1940) [Yvan Lebrun]; Amold Pick (1851- 1924) [A.D.Friederici];
Henry Head (1861-1940) (Patrick Hudson]; Kurt Goldstein (1878-1965)
[Ria de Bleser]; Norman (Geschwind (1926-1984) [Mary-Louise Kean].
ABRAHAM, WERNER, T. GIVSN and SANDRA A. THOMPSON (eds.) Discourse Grammar and
Typology. Papers in honor of John W. M. Verhaar
Hb: US: 155619 379 3 / Eur: 90 272 3030 7 US$98.00 / Hfl.175,--
Dedicated to Fr. Verhaar, this volume presents papers related to
discourse analysis and language typology. The papers are arranged in
five groups: 1. Transitivity and voice, 2. Clausal modality,
3. Typology and discourse categories, Language and culture,
5. Functionality Contributions by: Werner Abraham, John M. Clifton,
Bernard Comrie & Kaoru Horie, Bambang Purwo Kaswanti, Robert J. Conrad
& Joshua Lukas, Bernd Heine, Paul J. Hopper, Barbara A. Fox, Anna
Wierzbicka, John Haiman, Charles N. Li, and Susanna Cumming.
DOWNING, PAMELA and MICHAEL NOONAN (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) (eds.)
Word Order in Discourse.
Hb: US: 1 55619 424 2 / Eur: 90 272 2921 X US$135.00 / Hfl.250,--
Pb: US 1 55619 636 9 / Eur: 90 272 2922 8 US$37.95 / Hfl.75,--
This volume brings together a collection of 18 papers dealing with the
problem of word order variation in discourse. Word order variation has
often been treated as an essentially unpredictable phenomenon, a
matter of selecting randomly one set of possible orders generated by
the grammar. However, as the papers in this collection show, word
order variation is not random, but rather is governed by principles
which can be subjected to scientific investigation and are common to
all languages. The papers in this volume discuss word order variation
in a diverse collection of languages and from a number of
perspectives, including experimental and quantitative, text-based
studies. A number of papers address the problem of deciding which
order is 'basic' among the alternatives. Typological Studies in
Language, 30
M.A. GERNSBACHER (University of Wisconsin) and T. GIVSN (University of Oregon)
Coherence in Spontaneous Text.
Hb: US:1 55619 637 7 / Eur: 90 272 2923 6 US$80.00 / Hfl.145,--
Pb: US:1 55619 638 5 / Eur: 90 272 2924 4 US$32.95 / Hfl.65,--
The main theme running through this volume is that coherence is a
mental phenomenon rather than a property of the spoken or written
text, or of the social situation. Most of the papers in this volume
were originally presented at the Symposium on Coherence in Spontaneous
Text, held at the University of Oregon in the spring of
1992. Contributions by: Anne Anderson; Jennifer Coates; T. Givsn;
Charles Goodwin; Walter Kintsch; Tony Sanford and Linda Moxey; Tom
Trabasso; Soyoung Suh and Paula Payton; Matthew Traxler and Morti
Gernsbacher; Deanna Wilkes-Gibbs Typological Studies in Language, 31
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