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TOC: Journal of Japanese Linguistics

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JOURNAL OF JAPANESE LINGUISTICS -- Yasuaki Abe & Yoko Sugioka, Editors
TABLE OF CONTENTS, Vol. 15 (1993), -- published January, 1995
Lexical and Productive Causatives in Japanese:
 an examination of the theory of paradigmatic structure
 S.-Y. Kuroda, University of California, San Diego
Nonsubject Honorification: A Pragmatic Analysis
 Shoko Hamano, George Washington University
The Generalized Transformation Analysis of Relative Clauses
 and Island Effects in Japanese
 Keiko Murasugi, Kinjo Gakuin University
Notes on Control Constructions in Japanese
 Naoko Nemoto, Binghamton University
Extraction of Doo and Its Implications
 Hiroyuki Ura, MIT
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