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Mon 27 Mar 1995

Confs: KONVENS 96, Chicago Linguistic Society 31 schedule

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  1. Henning Lobin, KONVENS 96
  2. Chicago Linguistic Society, CLS 31 Preliminary Schedule

Message 1: KONVENS 96

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 12:41:02 KONVENS 96
From: Henning Lobin <LOBINLILI.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Subject: KONVENS 96


 3. Konferenz 'Verarbeitung nat"urlicher Sprache'
 Bielefeld, Germany 2.-4. Oktober 1996

 Multilinguale und multimediale Sprachverarbeitung

Veranstalter :
 "OGAI - "Osterreichische Gesellschaft f"ur Artificial Intelligence
 DGfS - Deutsche Gesellschaft f"ur Sprachwissenschaft
 GI - Gesellschaft f"ur Informatik
 GLDV - Gesellschaft f"ur Linguistische Datenverarbeitung
 ITG/DEGA - Informationstechnische Gesellschaft/
 Deutsche Gesellschaft f"ur Akustik

 DGfS, Sektion Computerlinguistik

 Prof. Dr. Dafydd Gibbon, U Bielefeld
 Dr. Henning Lobin, U Bielefeld

 Tutorientag: Dienstag, 1.10.1996
 Tagung: Mittwoch, 2.10. - Freitag, 4.10.1996

Tagungssprachen: Deutsch & Englisch

Die Gesellschaften DGfS, GI, GLDV, ITG/DEGA veranstalten alle 2 Jahre
gemeinsam eine Tagung zum Thema Verarbeitung nat"urlicher Sprache. Die
KONVENS 94 fand an der Universit"at Wien statt. Die KONVENS soll einen
Querschnitt "uber die aktuelle Forschung auf allen Gebieten der
nat"urlicher Sprache in Disziplinen wie Informatik, K"unstliche
Linguistik, Philosophie, Psychologie, Sprachtechnologie und
Nachrichtentechnik bieten.
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Message 2: CLS 31 Preliminary Schedule

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 00:23:20 CSCLS 31 Preliminary Schedule
From: Chicago Linguistic Society <>
Subject: CLS 31 Preliminary Schedule

31st Annual Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

Thursday, April 20, 1995
9:00 AM
Evidence for Intermediate Forms in the Evolution of Language
Shannon Casey and Robert Kluender, University of California, San Diego
9:30 AM
The Development of Negation and Negative Polarity in Child Language
Sjoukje van der Wal, University of Groningen
10:00 AM
Repair in Chinese Conversation
Kawai Chui, National Chengchi University
10:30 AM
Yupik Antipassive and the ASPP Hypothesis
Laura Benua, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
11:00 AM
The Realization of Benefactives in Norwegian
Helge Lodrup, University of Oslo
11:30 AM
Expressives: Inside or Outside Grammar
Eric Schiller, Linguistics Unlimited
12:00 PM
Break for Lunch
1:00 PM
Sukuma Accent
William J. Idsardi and Thomas C. Purnell, University of Delaware
1:30 PM
A Speech Error Investigation of the Impact of
Orthography on Japanese Speech Production
Sheri Wells, University of Buffalo
2:00 PM
Transmorphemic Compensatory Lengthening: Implications for Moraic Theory
Kathleen Hubbard, University of California, San Diego
2:30 PM
Derivational Constraints in Phonology:
Evidence from Loanwords and Implications
Carole Paradis, Universite Laval
3:00 PM
Two More Arguments for the Bimoraic Trochee:
Evidence from Japanese Loanword Abbreviation
Hisami Suzuki, University of Chicago
3:30 PM
Invited Speaker
John McCarthy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
4:30 PM
Break for Dinner
6:00 PM
Invited Speaker
Bill Darden, University of Chicago
7:00 PM
This, thence, thus and also there, thou, they: Problems for the
Conventional Formal Analysis of a Middle English Sound Change
Robbin Clamons, University of Minnesota
7:30 PM
An Account of Aspiration, Agreement and Other
Linguistic Flotsam and Jetsam
Thomas Bourgeois and Susan Steele, University of Arizona
8:00 PM
Beyond 'Try to Find': The Syntax and Semantics of 'Search' and 'Analyze'
Rebecca Wheeler, Independent Scholar
8:30 PM
Free Word Order Variation and Binding
Soo-Yeon Kim, Harvard University
9:00 PM
Semantic Incorporation: A Uniform Semantics for West Greenlandic
Noun Incorporation and German Bare Plural Configurations
Veerle van Geenhoven, Universitat Tubingen

Friday, April 21, 1995
9:00 AM
The NP Analysis of NP
Adam L. Meyers, New York University
9:30 AM
Evidence for To Raising to AgrSo
Madelyn Kissock, Harvard University
10:00 AM
The Semantic Contribution of Complementizers:
Evidence from Palestinian Arabic
Maher Awad, University of Colorado
10:30 AM
Verb-"Movement" in German and Topological Fields
Andreas Kathol, Ohio State University
11:00 AM
Invited Speaker
John Robert "Haj" Ross, University of North Texas
12:00 PM
Break for Lunch
1:00 PM
Ditransitives, Possessor Raising, Copying-to-Object:
Animacy in Morphosyntax
Gregory Anderson, University of Chicago
1:30 PM
Person Prefixes in Pima Bajo and Analytical Decisions
Zarina Estrada and Susan Steele
University of Sonora and University of Arizona, Tucson
2:00 PM
How Concrete is Morphology? Theoretical
Consequences of Literal Alliterative Concord
Lise M. Dobrin, University of Chicago
2:30 PM
Voicing and Aspiration Contrasts in Hindi and Urdu
Sarmad Hussain and Rami Nair, Northwestern University
3:00 PM
Pharyngeal Phonetics: Larynx Height, Tongue Root, and Pitch Dependence
John H. Esling, University of Victoria
3:30 PM
Invited Speaker
Karen Landahl, University of Chicago
4:30 PM
Break for Dinner
6:00 PM
Invited Speaker
Jerrold Sadock, University of Chicago
7:00 PM
The Linguistic Sign as Unifying Principle Behind
Syntactic Peculiarities: The Italian Clitic ne
Joseph Davis, City College of New York
7:30 PM
Conditions after SPELL OUT: The Case for Spanish Clitic Climbing
Jon Franco and Alazne Landa
University of Deusto and University of the Basque Country
8:00 PM
Clitics and Prominence, or Why Specificity is Not Enough
Elena Anagnostopoulou and Anastasia Giannakidou
University of Tilburg and University of Groningen
8:30 PM
Whyncha: A Problem in Clitic and Speech Act Theory
John Richardson, Independent Scholar
9:00 PM
A Typology of Clitics and the Role of Intralanguage Variation
Marco Haverkort, University of Kansas

Saturday, April 22, 1995
9:00 AM
The Production of Syllables in Cliticized Forms
Monika Baumann, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
9:30 AM
Dative Clitics and Case Licensing in Standard and Macedonian Greek
Alexis Dimitriadis, University of Pennsylvania
10:00 AM
The Clitic-Affix Distinction in Pronominal Argument Languages
Henry Davis, University of British Columbia
10:30 AM
A Minimalist Approach to Clitic Climbing
Ana Maria Martins, University of Lisbon
11:00 AM
Invited Speaker
Ken Safir, Rutgers University
12:00 PM
Break for Lunch
1:00 PM
On the Clitic Nature of Subject Pronouns in Medieval French
Barbara Vance, Indiana University
1:30 PM
Quotative Clitic "Spreading" in NE Georgian Mountain Dialects
H. Paul Manning, University of Chicago
2:00 PM
Enclitic Stress in Romance
Sharon Peperkamp, University of Amsterdam
2:30 PM
A Lexicalist Treatment of EN
Christopher Culy, Philip Miller and Ivan A. Sag
University of Iowa, Universite de Lille III, and Stanford University
3:00 PM
Verb Agreement and Verbal Clitics in ASL
Wynne D. Janis, Northeastern University and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3:30 PM
Invited Speaker
Judy Kegl, Rutgers University
4:30 PM
Break for Dinner
6:00 PM
Cliticization of Classifiers and Partitive Constructions
Kuo-ming Sung, Lawrence University
6:30 PM
On the Non-Existence of Reflexive Clitics
Jeffrey Lidz, University of Delaware
7:00 PM
Cliticization as Alignment to Morphological Slots
Frank van der Leeuw, Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics
7:30 PM
A Morphological Analysis of Quebec Colloquial French Pronominal Clitics
Julie Auger, McGill University
8:00 PM
Invited Speaker
Stephen Anderson, Yale University
9:00 PM

For information on registration, housing, and travel, contact the
Chicago Linguistic Society at or (312) 702-8529.
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