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Mon 27 Mar 1995

Sum: Four mystery languages, Klingon language

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  1. Alexis Manaster Ramer, Summary: 4 mystery lgs identified!
  2. Bill Chan, Sum: The Klingon Language

Message 1: Summary: 4 mystery lgs identified!

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 21:35:35 Summary: 4 mystery lgs identified!
From: Alexis Manaster Ramer <amrCS.Wayne.EDU>
Subject: Summary: 4 mystery lgs identified!

Sergej Starostin identified the four mystery Caucasian languages
as Avar, Lak, Khinalug, and Adyghe, resp.
Thanks to all those who wrote in. The fifth language, given
as Curali, in the 1730 work I am looking at, remains unin-
dentified at the moment.

Alexis Manaster Ramer
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Message 2: Sum: The Klingon Language

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 23:05:07 PSSum: The Klingon Language
From: Bill Chan <bchansol.UVic.CA>
Subject: Sum: The Klingon Language

Hello folks. I am sorry it took so long for me to send a summary. I was
swampped with responses. I would like to thank those who replied to my
 questionregarding the Klingon languge.

Linda Coleman
Allan C. Wechasler
Anthea Faller-Bail
Teresa Wells
Shirley Silver
David Ganelin
Gregg J. Kinkley
Nick Nicholas
Marcus Hiller

 To begin, there is not one single language in which the Klingon language is
based upon. It seems that the language is a "hodge-podge" of linguistic
features. Marc Orkand(the creator) probably used his knowledge of Native
American languages and incorporated them into Klingon. Some of the possible
languages suggested includes Penutan(Marc did his dissertation on this language
) and Mutsun. In addition, there is possible influences from Chinese and other
Tibeto-Burman languages.
 The two areas suggested to me where more information can be sought include
the KLingon mail list ( and the Klingon Language Institute
on the world wide webpage ( I found these two areas a
great source on the language. I particularly found the www most interesting
because one can hear the actual pronunciation of Klingon. Another source is
 the_Klingon Dictionary_ written by Marc Orkand (Pocket Books, ISBN

Qapla' (Success!)

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