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Mon 16 Jan 1995

FYI: Bambi in Arapaho; New Journal

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  2. "Rene H. Mulder", new journal announcement

Message 1: Bambi in Arapaho

Date: Thu, 29 Dec 1994 16:25:22 Bambi in Arapaho
Subject: Bambi in Arapaho

Disney's classic "Bambi" has been released in the Arapaho language to
help preserve a fading Arapaho language and culture. The Wyoming
Council for the Humanities, a non-profit, state-based educational
program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, has a limited
number of videotapes of "Bambi" in Arapaho - the first feature length
children's animated movie ever dubbed into a Native American language
available for linguists, anthropologists, and other interested
The videotape is the result of a total immersion language project for
children in grades K-3 conducted on the Wind River reservation, and
supported with funds from the Wyoming Council for the Humanities. In
the Arapaho version of the fifty-two year old Disney classic, the
voices are provided by Arapaho children and adults who participated
in the language project in the small Arapaho community of Ethete,

For further information, contact Bob or (307)
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Message 2: new journal announcement

Date: 16 Jan 95 06:52:22 EST
From: "Rene H. Mulder" <>
Subject: new journal announcement


GLOT International is a tabloid-size journal for generative linguists,
appearing monthly, except in June and July. Issue 1:1 is January
1995. The journal is devoted to those aspects of the activity in the
field which (most) other journals neglect. Every issue will feature:

Dissertations - much of the groundbreaking and original research in
the field is conducted by Ph.D. students. The results of this research
are laid down in the form of a dissertation, but because, on the whole,
dissertations are not generally available, Ph.D. research does not
always get the attention it deserves. Every issue of GLOT Internation-
al will pay special attention to three or four dissertations by
publishing a summary of the dissertation by the author himself and
a review by another specialist. The first issues will pay attention to
such recent dissertations as those by D. Adger, R.-M. De/chaine, P.
Fikkert, K. von Fintel, J. Bondi Johanessen, A. Neeleman, D.
Nouveau, W.-t. Tsai, C.J.W. Zwart and many others.

Book reviews - few journals take book reviewing seriously and even
then, reviews are published long after publication of the book itself.
GLOT International strives to publish reviews within six to twelve
months after the publication of the book. The first issues will include
book reviews of: R. Fiengo and R. May, Indices and identity; E. van
Gelderen, The rise of functional categories; Y. Huang, Anaphora; M.
Kenstowicz, Phonology in generative grammar; J. Kerstens, The
syntax of phi-features; C. Tenny, Aspectual roles and the syntax-
semantics interface; E. Williams, Thematic structure in syntax.

"State-of-the-articles" - every issue of GLOT International will con-
tain a "state-of-the-article", featuring an overview of the most salient
issues involved in one particular subject (like co-ordination, verb rais-
ing, optimality), which lists the most important achievements of the
past decade or so, and which makes clear what the outstanding issues
are, in addition to a comprehensive bibliography. The first issues will
feature state-of-the-articles by Tom Cornell (on tree logic), Rose-
Marie De/chaine (on coordination), Paula Fikkert (on child
phonology), Harry van der Hulst (on stress), and Teun Hoekstra (on
functional categories).

Other - apart from conference announcements, job announcements and
classified ads, each issue will contain conference reports, letters to the
editor and a column, alternatively written by Elan Dresher and Crit

The individual subscription rate is Dfl 85,- per volume (10 issues),
including postage and handling, excluding 6% VAT (EC only).
Editor: Rint Sybesma, Sinological Institute, Leiden University. P.O.
Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands; e-mail:
Publisher: Holland Academic Graphics, P.O. Box 43540, 2504 AM,
The Hague, The Netherlands; e-mail:;
fax: +31703231686.
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