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Sum: Social Aspects of Orthography

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Message 1: orthography: summary

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 95 16:13:00 GMorthography: summary
From: Sebba M <>
Subject: orthography: summary

In response to my request for information and bibliography on the social
aspects of orthography, I received to date 12 responses. Many thanks to:
Celso Alvarez-Caccamo, August Cluver, George Huttar, James Kirchner, Dan
Myers, Mari Rhydwen, Henry Rogers, Bob Rothstein, Trond Trosterud, Tim
Vance, Noriko Watanabe, H.L. Weber. Special thanks to James Kirchner for
telling me at length about the consequences of current attempts to reform
Czech orthography, and to Trond Trosterud for a detailed explanation of the
Norwegian situation.

Here follows a compilation of all the bibliographical items mailed to me by
individuals, with some additions of my own:

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orthography for Somali." In: African language studies 15:

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revision of writing systems. The Hague: Mouton.

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Colonisation" in Walsh, M. and Yallop C. eds. 'Language and Culture in
Aboriginal Australia' Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra.

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Orthographic Controversy of the 1930's," in _Papers in Slavic
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Publications, 1977), pp. 225-36.

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