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Mon 03 Apr 1995

Confs: Workshop on connectionist-symbolic integration

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  1. Ron Sun, The IJCAI Workshop

Message 1: The IJCAI Workshop

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 12:04:03 The IJCAI Workshop
From: Ron Sun <>
Subject: The IJCAI Workshop

 The IJCAI Workshop
 Connectionist-symbolic Integration:
 From Unified to Hybrid Approaches
 Montreal, Canada
 August 19-20, 1995

There has been a considerable amount of research in integrating
connectionist and symbolic processing. While such an approach has
clear advantages, it also encounters serious difficulties and
challenges. Therefore, various models and ideas have been proposed to
address various problems and aspects in this integration. There is a
growing interest from many segments of the AI community, ranging from
expert systems, to cognitive modeling, to logical reasoning.

Two major trends can be identified in the state of the art: these are
the unified, or purely connectionist, and the hybrid approaches to integration.
Whereas the purely connectionist ("connectionist-to-the-top") approach
claims that complex symbol processing functionalities can be achieved
via neural networks alone, the hybrid approach is premised on the
complementarity of the two paradigms and aims at their synergistic
combination in systems comprising both neural and symbolic components.
In fact, these trends can be viewed as two ends of an entire spectrum.

Up till now, overall, there is still relatively little work in
comparing and combining these fairly isolated efforts. This workshop
will provide a forum for discussions and exchanges of ideas in this
area, to foster cooperative work. The workshop will tackle important
issues in integrating connectionist and symbolic processing.

** Organizing Committee
Frederic Alexandre (co-chair)
John Barnden
Steve Gallant
Larry Medsker
Christian Pellegrini
Noel Sharkey
Ron Sun (co-chair)

** Program Committee
Lawrence Bookman
Michael Dyer
Wolfgang Ertel
LiMin Fu
Jose Gonzalez-Cristobal
Ruben Gonzalez-Rubio
Jean-Paul Haton
Melanie Hilario
Abderrahim Labbi
Ronald Yager

Workshop Schedule}
August 19th, 1995
9:00 - 9:20
Opening Remarks
R. Sun
F. Alexandre
9:20 - 11:30
Invited talks
Chair: Ron Sun
 9:20 - 10:20
 Invited Talk: Neuropsychology meets AI
 J. Hendler
 10:30 - 11:30
 Invited Talk: Neural computing and Artificial Intelligence
 N. Sharkey
Panel responses and discussions
Chair: R. Sun
Panelists: F. Alexandre, J. Austin, G. Cottrell/D. Noelle, R. Yager
Each panelist gives a 5 minute commentary,
with questions and comments from the audience.
The invited speakers then give their responses.
1:30 - 2:30
Interactive Session: Definitions of Approaches
Chair: F. Alexandre
 Overview of strategies for neurosymbolic integration
 M. Hilario
 Cognitive aspects of neurosymbolic integration
 Y. Lallement and F. Alexandre
2:30 pm - 4:00
Regular Session: Hybrid Approaches
Chair: C. Pellegrini
 A hybrid learning model of abductive reasoning
 T. Johnson and J. Zhang
 A hybrid learning model for reaction and decision making
 R. Sun and T. Peterson
 A preprocessing model for integrating CBR and prototype-based
 neural network
 M. Malek and B. Amy
4:10 - 5:40
Regular Session: Unified Approaches
Chair: R. Sun
 Symbolic neural networks derived from stochastic grammar domain models
 E. Mjolsness
 Micro-level hybridization in DUAL
 B. Kokinov
 A unified connectionist model of instruction following
 D. Noelle and G. Cottrell

August 20th, 1995
9:00 - 10:30
Regular Session: Hybrid Approaches
Chair: J.P. Haton
 An integrated symbolic/connectionist model of parsing
 S. Stevenson
 A hybrid system framework for disambiguating word senses
 X. Wu, M. McTear, P. Ojha, H. Dai
 A localist network architecture for logical inference
 N. Park and D. Robertson
10:40 - 12:40
Regular Session: Unified Approaches
Chair: F. Alexandre
 Holographic reduced representation
 T. Plate
 Distributed representations for terms in hybrid reasoning systems
 A. Sperduti, A. Starita, C. Goller
 Learning distributed representation
 R. Krosley and M. Misra
 Distributed associative memory
 J. Austin
2:00 - 4:30
Regular Session: Hybrid Approaches
Chair: L. Medsker
 A distributed platform for symbolic-connectionist integration
 J. C. Gonzalez, J. R. Velasco, C. A. Iglesias
 Nessyl3L: a neurosymbolic system with 3 levels
 B. Orsier and A. Labbi
 A framework for hybrid systems
 P. Bison, G. Chemello, C. Sossai, G. Trainito
 A first approach to a taxonomy of fuzzy-neural systems
 L. Magdalena
 Task structure and computational level; architectural issues in
 symbolic-connectionist integration
 R. Khosla and T. Dillon
4:40 - 5:30
Summary Panel
Chair: F. Alexandre
Panelists: R. Sun, T. Johnson/J. Zhang, M. Hilario,
S. Gallant, J.P. Haton, L. Medsker

Workshop ends
For details, contact IJCAI-95, c/o AAAI, 455 Burgess Drive,
Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.
Dr. Ron Sun
Department of Computer Science phone: (205) 348-6363
The University of Alabama fax: (205) 348-0219
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 email:
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