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Tue 04 Apr 1995

Jobs: Japanese, Grammatical Analyst (English)

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  1. Atsushi Fukada, Job: Purdue University
  2. Ezra Black, job

Message 1: Job: Purdue University

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 09:53:46 Job: Purdue University
From: Atsushi Fukada <>
Subject: Job: Purdue University

The Department of Foreign Language and Literatures at Purdue University
seeks a visiting instructor/visiting assistant professor of Japanese for
the year 1995-96; salary and teaching load competitive. Duties include
teaching 4 sessions per semester (first-year or second-year Japanese), plus
management including training/evaluating teaching assistants. At least an
MA in a relevant field and teaching experience at the college level in the
U.S. required. Please send inquiries to the address below. Our faculty
will be conducting interviews at the upcoming AAS/ATJ conference. If you
would like to meet with us there, contact us in advance or check the
placement center and leave a message on the message bulletin board.

Dr. Eiji Sekine
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Purdue University
Stanley Coulter Hall
West Lafayette, IN 47907
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Message 2: job

Date: Mon, 03 Apr 1995 17:47:09 job
From: Ezra Black <>
Subject: job





POSITION: Grammatical Analyst (English)

LOCATION: Lancaster University (Unit for Computer Research
 On The English Language)

SUPERVISION: Grammatical Analyst team under the supervision of
 Professor Geoffrey Leech, F.B.A., Department of
 Linguistics, author of the definitive modern grammar
 of English, etc.

TIME PERIOD: Starts as soon as possible, LATEST JULY 1, 1995.
 Runs until March 1, 1996. Possible extension for one
 year depending on performance and on project needs.

SALARY: Lousy: roughly 14000 Pounds per year.


(i) Candidate must be willing to migrate from wherever
to Lancaster, for a period of seven or eight months,
with no guarantee of further employment after that (al-
though another year's work is a possibility).

(ii) Candidate should have a degree, preferably in a
subject which gives them a headstart in grammar

(iii) Candidate should not be hidebound by some theoretical
approach to English which gives them a magnificent knowledge
of a tiny area of language, whereas we want general mastery of
run-of-the-mill linguistic categories

(iv) Candidate must have good keyboard skills, in typing English

(v) Candidate must have experience (preferably quite a lot) of
interacting with computer systems - preferably not just
word-processing packages, but other experience as well.

(vi) Candidate must be willing to work at Lancaster in an environment
where people are working at computer keyboards/screens all day,
under considerable pressure, and doesn't mind putting in extra hours.

(vii) Candidate must be INTERESTED in the job of working repetitively
at the parsing of sentences. I.e., must be a grammar-freak!

(viii) Candidates will be interviewed and aptitude-tested at Lancaster

Additionally, candidates must be native speakers of English with
UK citizenship.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Learning in detail a comprehensive system for
grammatical analysis of English and applying it to approximately
100 sentences per day drawn from an extremely varied selection
of written sources. A state-of-the-art data entry system is
used to input these grammatical analyses to the computer.
to those who can become adept at it, and it requires a VERY HIGH
degree of INTELLIGENCE to carry out well.

Please contact Ezra Black ( (Do it now...) Thanks!
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