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Wed 05 Apr 1995

Calls: Mathematical models of natural language

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Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 17:33:56 +0200
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 Martin Vide))

The XI Congreso de Lenguajes Naturales y Lenguajes Formales will take place
on September 25-29, 1995 at Tortosa (Spain). It is being organized by the
Research Group in Mathematical Linguistics and Language Engineering (GRLMC)
of the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain). The languages of the
conference are Spanish, Catalan and English. The current list of invited
people includes J. Busquets (Austin), V. Gomez-Pin (Barcelona), L.
Martin-Mingorance (Cordoba), C. Martin-Vide (Tarragona), J.C.
Martinez-Alonso (Barcelona), J. Miquel-Verges (Tarragona), R. Ortega-Robert
(Tarragona), Gh. Paun (Bucharest), G. Rozenberg (Leiden), E. Vallduvi
(Edinburgh) and J. Vidal (Tetuan). The deadline for submissions is July 22,

Detailed information can be obtained from:

Carlos Martin-Vide
Apartado de Correos 32.077
08080 Barcelona
Fax: 34-77-559597
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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 95 16:59:06 +0100
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 Martin Vide))



Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain)

November 2-4, 1995

Organized by
Rovira i Virgili University at Tarragona
Research Group in Mathematical Linguistics and Language Engineering (GRLMC)

With the financial support of
Direccio General de Recerca (Generalitat de Catalunya)

1st. announcement and call for papers

ICML'95 intends to become an open and broad scope forum for the presentation
and discussion of current high quality research on mathematical models of
natural language.

The first conference (ICML'93) took place in Tarragona on March 30-31, 1993.
A derived volume has been published: C. Martin-Vide (ed.), Current Issues in
Mathematical Linguistics. North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1994.

Topics will be grouped into five sections:

1. Foundations and methodological considerations.
2. Mathematical models for syntax.
3. Mathematical models for semantics.
4. Applications in natural language processing.
5. Varia (phonology, computational complexity, learning, quantitative
methods, etc.).

The language of the conference is English.

Organizing Committee

Carlos Martin-Vide (Chairman, Tarragona)
Joan Busquets (Austin)
Rosa Maria Hidalgo (Tarragona)
Joan Miquel (Barcelona)
Rudolf Ortega (Tarragona)
Jesus Vidal (Austin)


They can be invited plenary 1-hour lectures and free possibly parallel 30
minutes lectures. The travel and accommodation of invited speakers will be
paid by the Organizing Committee. The distribution into both categories will
take into account the relative value of each paper and the budgetary
resources. Interested people are invited to submit papers:

By surface mail, or
Electronically, as either an unformatted (plain text) ASCII file or as a
LaTeX file.

They should send one copy of a camera-ready 2-columns abstract of not more
than 2 not-numbered pages. Also, they must indicate the section into which
their paper fits. Submissions will be anonymously refereed, and the list of
accepted lectures (invited as well as free) will be included into future
announcements. Authors will be notified of acceptance as soon as possible.


Deadline for the submission of a paper (2-pages abstract): September 30, 1995.

The programme will be sent to all pre-registered participants on October 1995.

The book of abstracts will be available at the beginning of the conference.

The Organizing Committee expects that a volume containing a refereed
selection of submitted papers will be published after the conference.

Registration fees (except for invited speakers)
Until June 30, 1995
General: USA $ 150 (pesetas 19.500)
Students: USA $ 75 (pesetas 9.750)

After July 1, 1995
General: USA $ 200 (pesetas 26.000)
Students: USA $ 100 (pesetas 13.000)

Fees include the free access to all sessions and one copy of the book of
abstracts, and may be paid through a bank transfer to:

Account number: 2100-3233-2200104870 (Congress)
Bank: Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona
Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 521, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Please, send us a copy of your transfer.

People from Eastern Europe can become free from registration fees and
accommodation (not travel) if justified, in the opinion of the Organizing

Information will be sent to all pre-registered participants in due time.

Information and registration
Carlos Martin-Vide
Apartado de Correos 32.077
08080 Barcelona
Fax: 34-77-55.95.97

Registration form


Postal code



Please, send this registration form, together with the copy of the transfer,
to the above-mentioned address.
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