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Sum: Cantonese tones

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  1. Helen Fraser, Sum: Cantonese tones

Message 1: Sum: Cantonese tones

Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 20:44:06 +Sum: Cantonese tones
From: Helen Fraser <>
Subject: Sum: Cantonese tones

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A few weeks ago I posted a request for references on the phonetics,
phonology and perception of Cantonese tones. Thankyou to those who replied,
who were:

Lance Eccles (
Marija La'szlo' (
Timothy J. Vance (
Waiching Enid Mok (eniduhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Laurie Bauer (

Here is a summary of the references I received, along with some others I
dug up myself, including some on tone languages other than Cantonese (in no
particular order and rather hastily thrown together!).

Thanks again
Helen Fraser

Bauer, R. 1986. 'The microhistory of a sound change in progress in Hong
Kong Cantonese.' Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 14 (1) p.1-42.

Cheung, K-H. 1986. The phonology of present day Cantonese. PhD, University
College London.

=46ok, C. 1974. 'A perceptual study of tones in Cantonese.' in (ed) Centre o=
Asian Studies Occasional Papers and Monographs. University of Hong Kong

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perception of tone.' Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 13 (1) p.69-90.

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Phonetics, 11 p.149-175.

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14 (1) p.90-113.

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among speakers of a tone and a nontone language.' Journal of Chinese
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Evaluation and integration of acoustic features.' in A. Kao and R. Hoosain
(ed) Linguistics, Psychology and the Chinese Language. University of Hong
Kong Press

Vance, T. 1976. 'An experimental investigation of tone and intonation in
Cantonese.' Phonetica, 33 p.368-392.

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pages 115-116 of:
Paul Fu-mien Yang, Chinese Dialectology: a selected and classified
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pages 20-28 of:
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(Routledge, London, 1994)

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Club, Indiana, 1980), pages 235-237.

pages 185-191 of:
Yuan Jiahua, Hanyu fangyan gaiyao (2nd edn) (Wenzi gaige chubanshe,
Beijing, 1989)

Parker Po-fei Huang, Gerard P. Kok: Speak Cantonese, book I, Rev.ed. Far
Eastern Publications Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

Colloquial Cantonese and Putonghua Equivalents. Written by Zeng Zifan,
translated by S.K. Lai, Hippocrene Books, Inc.

Rita Mei-Wah Choy: Understanding Chinese : a Guide to the Usage of Chinese
Characters with Cantonese and Mandarin Pronunciation Yale and Pinyin
Romanization, China West Book, San Francisco.

Chan, Majorie K. M. (1987). Tone and melody interaction in Cantonese and
Mandarin songs. UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics, Los Angeles, C.A.

Kao, D. (1971). The structure of the syllable in Cantonese. The Hague: Mou=

Matthews, Stephen & Virginia Yip. (1994). Cantonese: a comprehensive
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Yip, Moira. (1990). The tonal phonology of Chinese. New York: Garland

Kwok, Helen (1972?) _A Perceptual Study of Cantonese Tones_ (?) Hong Kong
University Press.

The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong has published a bibliography of
researches on all aspects of Cantonese. You will find entries on Cantonese
tones research there.

Killingley, S-Y. 1993. Cantonese. Languages of the World, Materials 06.
M=FCnchen and Newcastle.

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