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Tue 11 Apr 1995

Qs: Minimalism, Rap music, Tiwi, Software for diagramming

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  1. Keiko Muromatsu, Minimalism, Uriagereka -- 2nd notice
  2. "SUSAN SOTILLO", influence of Rap Music
  3. "Karen Baumer, Tiwi
  4. Michael Kischner, Re: Sentence diagramming and software for it.

Message 1: Minimalism, Uriagereka -- 2nd notice

Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 19:00:01 -Minimalism, Uriagereka -- 2nd notice
From: Keiko Muromatsu <>
Subject: Minimalism, Uriagereka -- 2nd notice

Content-Length: 2370

I am sending this message on behalf of Juan Uriagereka, who is currently
finishing a book on minimalist concepts, to appear in MIT Press. I am
assisting Juan in gathering a minimalist bibliography. If you have a
minimalist paper, dissertation, book, etc. OR a similar material whose
content BEARS on minimalist issues, we would appreciate it if you could
send us the following, for reference purposes:

1) A complete identification of the material, following LI guidelines.

2) A brief abstract (one paragraph or so), describing the material.

3) If at all possible, the actual material (address: Juan Uriagereka
1401C Marie Mount Hall, Linguistics, UMD, College Park, MD 20742)

The ideal piece for citation is a PUBLISHED article or a thesis, although
unpublished manuscripts are also welcome, since Juan is working with
Howard Lasnik on a second book on technical aspects of minimalism, to
appear in Blackwell, and they would like to collect all sorts of
bibliography. The deadline for the MIT Press book is soon (bibliography
should be in by May), whereas the deadline for the Blackwell book is
1997, and material can be sent for that at a slower pace. But please be
sure to provide accurate references the way you want them to appear in
print, and send them by e-mail to my address:, if pos-
sible in ASCII format. We appreciate your cooperation, and hope that we
can adequately refer readers to interesting work on the topic.


 Keiko Muromatsu

 Deparment of Linguistics
 1401 Marie Mount Hall
 University of Maryland, College Park
 MD 20742-7515 U.S.A.
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Message 2: influence of Rap Music

Date: 5 Apr 95 12:58:00 EST
Subject: influence of Rap Music

Content-Length: 344

One of my students is doing research on the influence of rap music on
teen talk. He is specifically examining terms of address, in-group
jargon, and sexual talk. My student is working with teenagers attending
three middle-schools in Newark, NJ. He would appreciate references on
work done in this area. Thanks,
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Message 3: Tiwi

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 14:51:36 -Tiwi
From: "Karen Baumer <>
Subject: Tiwi

Content-Length: 1096

Is there anybody out there who might be able to answer some questions about
Tiwi? I already have the grammars from Osborne and Lee; references to any
other sources would also be helpful. (I'm mainly interested in
morphology/syntax, not phonetics.)

Please respond directly to me. Thanks in advance,

Karen Baumer
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Message 4: Re: Sentence diagramming and software for it.

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 15:38:10 -Re: Sentence diagramming and software for it.
From: Michael Kischner <>
Subject: Re: Sentence diagramming and software for it.

A colleague and I still use sentence diagramming in a freshman-level
class on syntax. We favor a stepladder method in which modifiers, for
instance, are arranged vertically under what they modify (rather than on
the diagonal lines I learned in my schooldays). I don't know where my
colleague learned this method and whether it has a name, but it does save
a lot of space.

Does anybody know of any computer software fvor sentence diagramming --
any method?

I'd also be interested in knowing how many still use diagramming and with
what success? It works very well for most of our students.


Michael Kischner
North Seattle Community College
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 528-4540
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