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Confs: Negation conference in Ottawa, New Guinea lgs/linguistics

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Message 1: Negation conference Ottawa

Date: Sun, 09 Apr 95 13:07:02 ESNegation conference Ottawa
From: <>
Subject: Negation conference Ottawa

Dear Colleague:

If you are interested in coming and you need any additional information,
please don't hesitate to contact me.

Paul Hirschbuhler (co-organizer)

 University of Ottawa
 May 11-13, 1995


Thursday May 11
8-9am Registration

Morning session
8:30-9:00 Welcoming remarks
9:00-9:35 J.Y. Pollock (U. de Picardie)
 "Les projections fonctionnelles NegP en francais et en anglais"
9:35-10:10 R. Zanuttini (Georgetown U.)
 "The Structure of Negative Clauses"
10:10-10:45 G. Recource (TALANA - U. Paris 7)
 "Le statut de 'ne' dans les infinitives et dans les phrases
1h:45-11:05 Break
11:05-11:40 D. Godard & A. Abeille. (U. Paris 7)
 "Syntaxe de la negation: 'pas' en francais contemporain"
11:40-12:15 P. Attal (U. Paris X - Nanterre)
 "La negation 'ne pas' et la transparence du sujet"
12:15-13:45 Lunch

Afternoon session
13:45-14:20 D. Bouchard (UQAM)
 "La syntaxe de la negation de la phrase en francais et en
14:20-14:55 Cl. Muller (U. Bordeaux)
 "Negation et 'de' partitif"
14:55-15:30 M.T. Espinal (U. Autonoma de Barcelona)
 "Non-negative negation and the syntactic structure of expletive
15:30-15:50 Break
15:50-16:25 M.-T. Vinet (U. Sherbrooke)
 "La negation et les phenomenes d'accentuation de quantifieurs
16:25-17:00 A. Hulk & A. van Kemenade (HIL, U. Amsterdam / Free U.
 "Negation as a reflex of clause structure"
17:00-17:35 J. Hoeksema (U. Groningen)
 "Negative concord in Middle Dutch"
18:30 : Reception at l'Alliance francaise

Friday May 12

Morning session
9:00-9:35 V. Sanchez Valencia (U. Groningen)
 "A brief history of monotonicity patterns: reasonings in the
 scope of negation"
9:35-10:10 M. Krifka (U. of Texas at Austin)
10:10-10:45 M. Israel (U.C.S.D.)
 "The scalar model of polarity sensitivity"
1h:45-11:05 Break
11:05-11:40 E. Rohrbauch (U. of Texas at Austin)
 "The role of focus in the licensing and interpretation of
 negative polarity items"
11:40-12:15 L. Horn (Yale U.)
 "Negative polarity and the dynamics of vertical inference"
12:15-13:45 Lunch

Afternoon session
13:45-14:20 M.-U. Etxebarria (U.C. Irvine)
 "Subjects, predicates and the structural condition on negative
 polarity item licensing"
14:20-14:55 T. van der Wouden (U. Groningen)
 "A note on the semantics of negative raising predicates"
14:55-15:30 A. Giannakidou (U. Groningen) and J. Quer (U.Utrecht)
 "Long-distance licensing of negative indefinites"
15:30-15:50 Break
15:50-16:25 J.-Cl. Anscombre (C.N.R.S.)
 "Encore/deja: negation, gradabilite et distance temporelle"
16:25-17:00 J. Moeschler (U. Geneva)
 "La negation comme expression procedurale non
20:00 : Dinner at Le Cafe, National Arts Center

Saturday, May 13

Morning session
9:00-9:35 L.R. Marks (UQAM)
 "La negation de restriction: perception et reduction"
9:35-10:10 E. Pearce (Victoria U. of Wellington)
 "Operator binding and the syntax of negation in Maori"
10:10-10:45 P. Rowlett (U. of Salford)
 "Jespersen, negative concord and A' binding"
1h:45-11:05 Break
11:05-11:40 W. Ladusaw (U.C. Santa Cruz)
 "Semantic interpretation of negative concord"
11:40-12:15 J. Peres (U. de Lisboa)
 "Negative concord could be the unmarked case"
12:15-13:45 Lunch

Afternoon session
13:45-14:20 V. Deprez (Rutgers U.)
 "French and Haitian Creole N-words united in their differences"
14:20-14:55 D. Valois (U. de Montreal)
 "Quantifieurs negatifs et mouvement wh"
14:55-15:30 L. Haegeman (U. Geneva)
 "Negative chains and the Neg Criterion"

All sessions will be held at Montpetit Hall, room 303. Directions will
be available at the conference hotel. There are also maps of the campus
at every major entrance to the campus.

 1. Holiday Inn : 350 Dalhousie (on the market)
 Phone : 613-241-1000
 Fax : 613-241-4804
 1-4 persons : 75 $ (reservation before April 10 in order to
 benefit from those rates; mention that you are with the Negation
 2. Novotel : 33 Nicholas
 Phone : 613-230-3033
 Fax : 613-230-4186
 1 pers : 82$
 2 pers. : 92$

On site: 25 $cdn (students) / 35 $cdn (non students)

A. From Ottawa Airport
 i. Hotel Shuttle : 9$ / 12$ (return)
 Journey time : 30 min.
 ii. City Bus : 2$ (peak hours) / 1,30$ (off peak)
 Journey Time : 1 hour
 iii. Taxi: 20$ (average)
B. From Montreal Airport to Ottawa City Centre
 Voyageur Colonial (Bus) : 21,65 (+taxes) / 40,47 (+taxes) (return)
 Journey Time : 2 1/2 hours

For more information, contact
 P. Hirschbuhler:

Organizing Committee:
D. Forget, P. Hirschbuhler, F. Martineau, M.-L. Rivero
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Message 2: New Guinea Languages/Linguistics

Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 22:20:58 -New Guinea Languages/Linguistics
From: <>
Subject: New Guinea Languages/Linguistics



Abepura, Jayapura, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

4-7 September 1995


To bring data from languages of Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea crucially to
bear on current theoretical questions in the sub-field of phonology,
morphology, syntax, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and anthropolinguistics.


The contribution of New Guinea linguistics and language typology to the
theories of linguistics.

Special Feature:

Native speakers of these languages will be especially invited to participate,
to share their unique insights into the structures of their native languages
with linguistic community more generally.

Abstract Deadline: 30 May 1995

Dr Nico Jakarimilena, M.Sc.
Universitas Cenderawasih
P.O. Box 422 Abe
Jayapura, Irian Jaya
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