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 MacKenzie, Marguerite and Jancewicz, Bill. LEXIQUE NASKAPI.
 Societe de developpement des Naskapis 1994 xlii, 1800 pp. Indiens
 Amerique du nord. EU 75,00$ / CDN 100,00$ (a couverture rigide)
 ISBN: 2-9804355-0-3 dist. par NDC 1-800-363-3839; Fax 418-585-3953
 Le Present lexique constitue une etape marquante dans la preservation du
 Naskapi au Quebec.
 Ce Lexique comprend plus de 10 000 mots naskapis, en orthographie
 syllabique et aussi en alphabet romain. Classement par l'alphabet romain.
 Les traductions anglaise et francaise de chaque mot. Boitier, 3 volumes a
 couverture rigide:
 Volume 1: naskapi - angalis / francais
 Volume 2: anglais - naskapi
 Volume 3: francais - naskapi
REY, ALAIN. Essays on Terminology. Translated and edited by Juan C. Sager
Introduction by Bruno Bessi
Hb: US: 1 55619 688 1 / Eur: 90 272 1607 X US$69.00 / Hfl.120,--
Pb: US: 1 55619 689 X / Eur: 90 272 1608 8 US$24.95 / Hfl.50,--
A carefully selected collection of essays by the most renowned
specialist in terminology in France, now published in English for the
first time. The chapters deal with the origins of terminology,
theoretical issues, social aspects, neologisms and evolution,
lexicology and lexicography, applied issues, description and control,
standardisation and terminology in Le Grand Robert. It contains the
revised and translated chapters of Rey's famous La Terminology - noms
et notions and other recent articles in English. This book is
essential reading for terminology theorists and practitioners and will
serve as elementary reading in terminology training. (includes a
complete bibliography of Alain Rey's writings.) Benjamins Translation
Library, 9
Applied linguistics - New book by Professor Michael Clyne
"Developing a Second Language from Primary School: Models and Outcomes"
This academically and practically innovative book is based on research
conducted in nine primary schools teaching Mandarin, Greek or Italian and
two secondary schools offering carry-on programs in German.
A number of policy recommendations and methodological suggestions come
from the project - these deal with time on task, realistic expectations
of LOTE programs, continuity and transition, the use of community
resources, the position of home-background students and more.
Price $39.00 (Aust) plus postage. For more information contact David
Dickson at the National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia -
Victorian Office GPO Box 372f, Melbourne 3001
Tel: 61 3 614 0255 Fax: 61 3 629 4708
INGHAM, BRUCE (University of London). Najdi Arabic: Central Arabian.
JOHN BENJAMINS 12/94 xvi, 212 pp. ARABIC
Hb: US: 1 55619 725 X / Eur: 90 272 3801 4 US$ 62.00 / Hfl.110,--
The region of Najdi in Central Arabia is the centre of a purely
Arabian culture based on a partnership between Bedouin camel husbandry
and settled palm cultivation. Because of its isolated position the
Najdi dialect is of a very interesting and conservative type showing
very little non-Arabic influence, which has led to the reputation of
the Arabian Bedouin as preservers of the original Classical form and
considerable prestige being attached to the Najdi type. Ingham's work
concentrates on the grammatical system, syntax and usage and is based
on a number of trips to the region over the last fifteen years. The
data base includes Bedouin oral narrative, ordinary conversation and
radio plays. London Oriental and African Language Library, 1
GILE, DANIEL (INALCO, ISIT, Paris). Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter
 and Translator Training.
Hb: US: 1 55619 686 5 / Eur: 90 272 1605 3 US$65,00 / Hfl.120,--
This book is based on the author's many years of experience as a
practitioner, teacher and researcher in translation and conference
interpretation. It is written for I/T trainers who are in search of a
methodological basis for their teaching program. The author deals with
essential translation and interpretation phenomena and difficulties
encountered by students and professionals alike. The underlying
theory is based on insights from psycholinguistics, cognitive
psychology and l/T research. The 'concepts' and 'models' are easy to
understand and chapters include teaching suggestions and
examples. Benjamins Translation Library, 8
HAMMOND, DEANNA L. Professional Issues for Translators and Interpreters
Hb: US: 1 55619 626 1 / Eur: 90 272 3182 6 US$45.00 / Hfl.85,--
This volume brings both beginning and experienced translators and
interpreters up to date on a broad range of issues. The seven sections
take up success and survival strategies for a language professional,
including the challenges posed by the changing global economy, the
impact of new technologies, adjustments required by a different legal
environment and traditional ethical practices. Such challenges and
changes point to a need for continuing education and networking and
for newcomers specialized postsecondary traning.
Contributions by: Bemard Bierman; Gabe Bokor; David Bowen; Margareta
Bowen; Anne Cordero; Doris Ganser; Deanna Hammond; Jane Maier; Alan
Melby; William Park; Nancy Schweda Nicholson; Anne Sherwin; Nancy
Snyder; Helen and John Szably; Muriel Vasconcellos. ATA Scholarly
Monograph Series, VII
KUSSMAUL PAUL (Johannes-Gutenberg Universitdt). Training the Translator
Hb: US: 1 55619 690 3 / Eur: 90 272 1609 6 US$43.00 / Hfl.75,--
This book begins by investigating, through the use of think-aloud
protocols, the mental processes of students when they translate. The
creative and successful processes observed can be used directly for
teaching purposes, while the unsuccessful ones can serve to find out
where remedial training is needed. The book then goes on to discuss
methods for improving a translator's competence. The strategies
offered are based on the pragmatic and semantic analysis of texts from
a functional point of view, and they include such practical matters as
the use of dictionaries and the evaluation of translations and error
analysis. The book is intended for teachers in translator-training
institutions, but it can also be used by students for
self-training. Benjamins Translation Library, 10
Beaugrande, Robert de (University of Vienna), Abdulla Shunnaq (Yarmouk
 University) and Mohamed H. Heliel (University of Alexandria) (eds.).
Hb: US: 1 55619 685 7 / Eur: 90 272 1604 5 US$65.00 / Hfl.110,--
The papers collected in this volume are a selection of papers
presented at a conference on Language and Translation (Irbid, Jordan,
1992). In their revised form, they offer comparisons between Western
and Arabic language usage and transfer. The articles bring together
linguistic and cultural aspects in translation in a
functional-discourse framework. Benjamins Translation Library, 7
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