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Sat 15 Apr 1995

FYI: TESOL summer institute, Linguistic journal in Moscow

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  1. , TESOL Summer Institute at St. Michael's College
  2. , New Linguistic Journal in Moscow

Message 1: TESOL Summer Institute at St. Michael's College

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 12:05:19 TESOL Summer Institute at St. Michael's College
Subject: TESOL Summer Institute at St. Michael's College

Saint Michael's College is pround to be the host of one of the 1995 TESOL
Summer Institutes. (A second Summer Institute is being held in Venezuela as

You can learn all about the TESOL Summer Institute by connecting to our
homepage on the World Wide Web (WWW). Our address, or URL is as follows:

After you have "landed" at St. Michael's homepage, scroll down to the
"St. Michael's College Campus-Wide Information System." Then select,
"Center for International Programs" department. Finally, select,
"1995 Summer TESOL Institute."

If you do not have access to the WWW, you can receive more information by
writing to:
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Message 2: New Linguistic Journal in Moscow

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 21:32:05 EWNew Linguistic Journal in Moscow
From: <>
Subject: New Linguistic Journal in Moscow

>From PO2::"" "APLD" 11-APR-1995 08:43:08.51
Subj About The Moscow Linguistic Journal


Dear Colleagues!

We have pleasure in informing you that a new linguistic periodi-
cal, "The Moscow Linguistic Journal", has been established at the Rus-
sian State University of Humanities. Its Editorial Board is composed
of several scholars of the Department of Theoretical and Applied
The preparation is now finished - and the appearance is expected
in May of this year - of the Journal's first volume devoted mainly to
comparativistic issues; it includes the articles by A.B.Dolgopolsky,
V.A.Dybo, A.V.Dybo, V.Orel, A. Manaster Ramer, S.A.Starostin, G.S.Sta-
rostin, and E.Helimsky.
No less than three issues per year are supposed to appear. The
Editorial Board invites you to send for publication your original
articles, book reviews, remarks, notes, reminiscences, letters, infor-
mation about all kinds of events that somehow relate to linguistics,
etc. It is desirable to provide both hard copy and computer-typed ver-
sion, on a diskette or by e-mail. Texts in English and in Russian are
accepted for publication.
The Editorial Board will support a broad orientation of the Jour-
nal, different approaches and methods, including the opinions not co-
inciding with our own - if stimulating one's thought or imagination on
linguistic subjects; we shall welcome lively discussions (and partici-
pate in them) and controversial topics.

 Our addresses:

regular mail: 125267 Moscow, Miusskaja square, 6, RGGU,
 building 2, FTiPL, MLJ Editorial Board
fax: (7095) 2505109
telephone: (095) 2506560

 MLJ Editorial Board:

 A.N. Barulin, M.A. Krongauz, E.V. Muravenko,
 I.A. Muravyova, N.V. Pertsov (Editor-in-Chief),
 S.A. Starostin

 March 1995
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