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Tue 18 Apr 1995

Confs: Final Program for Chicago Linguistic Society 31

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  1. Chicago Linguistic Society, Final Program for CLS 31

Message 1: Final Program for CLS 31

Date: Sat, 15 Apr 95 02:21:30 CDFinal Program for CLS 31
From: Chicago Linguistic Society <>
Subject: Final Program for CLS 31

 Final Schedule for the 31st Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

[NB: John McCarthy, one of our keynote speakers for the main session, will
 not be attending the conference.]

Thursday, April 20, 1995


9:00 AM Evidence for Intermediate Forms in the Evolution of Language
 Shannon Casey and Robert Kluender-Univ. of California, San Diego
9:30 AM The Development of Negation and Negative Polarity in Child Language
 Sjoukje van der Wal-University of Groningen
10:00 AM Why English adverbial -ly is not inflectional
 Arnold M. Zwicky-Ohio State University and Stanford University
10:30 AM Yupik Antipassive and the ASPP Hypothesis
 Laura Benua-University of Massachusetts, Amherst
11:00 AM The Realization of Benefactives in Norwegian
 Helge Lodrup-University of Oslo
11:30 AM Ditransitives, Possessor Raising, Copying-to-Object: Animacy in
 Gregory Anderson-University of Chicago
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
1:00 PM Sukuma Accent
 William J. Idsardi and Thomas C. Purnell-University of Delaware
1:30 PM A Speech Error Investigation of the Impact of Orthography on Japanese
 Speech Production
 Sheri Wells-University of Buffalo
2:00 PM Transmorphemic Compensatory Lengthening: Implications for Moraic Theory
 Kathleen Hubbard-University of California, San Diego
2:30 PM Derivational Constraints in Phonology: Evidence from Loanwords and
 Carole Paradis-Universite Laval
3:00 PM The Dual Role of the Bimoraic Trochee in Japanese
 Hisami Suzuki-University of Chicago
3:30 PM Lexical Sharing in a Monostratal Syntax of English WH-constructions
 Michael T. Wescoat-Osaka University
4:00 PM Break for Dinner
 Bill Darden-University of Chicago
 Remaking Morphology Without Grammaticalization
7:00 PM This, thence, thus, and also there, thou, they: Problems for the
 Conventional Analysis of a Middle English Sound Change
 Robbin Clamons-University of Minnesota
7:30 PM An Account of Aspiration, Agreement and Other Linguistic Flotsam and
 Thomas Bourgeois and Susan Steele-University of Arizona
8:00 PM Beyond 'Try to Find': The Syntax and Semantics of 'Search' and 'Analyze'
 Rebecca Wheeler-Independent Scholar
8:30 PM Free Word Order Variation and Binding
 Soo-Yeon Kim-Harvard University
9:00 PM Pharyngeal Phonetics: Larynx Height, Tongue Root, and Pitch Dependence
 John H. Esling-University of Victoria

Friday, April 21, 1995

9:00 AM The NP Analysis of NP
 Adam L. Meyers-New York University
9:30 AM Evidence for T0 Raising to AgrS0
 Madelyn Kissock-Harvard University
9:00 AM The Semantic Contribution of Complementizers: Evidence from
 Palestinian Arabic
 Maher Awad-University of Colorado
10:30 AM Verb-"Movement" in German and Topological Fields
 Andreas Kathol-Ohio State University
 John Robert "Haj" Ross-University of North Texas
 The Source of Defective Noun Phrases
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
1:00 PM Expressives: Inside or Outside Grammar (to be read in absentia)
 Eric Schiller-Linguistics Unlimited
1:30 PM Person Prefixes in Pima Bajo and Analytical Decisions
 Zarina Estrada and Susan Steele
 University of Sonora and University of Arizona, Tucson
2:00 PM How Concrete is Morphology? Theoretical Consequences of Literal
 Alliterative Concord
 Lise M. Dobrin-University of Chicago
2:30 PM Semantic Incorporation: A Uniform Semantics for West Greenlandic Noun
 Incorporation and German Bare Plural Configurations
 Veerle van Geenhoven-Universitat Tubingen
3:00 PM Voicing and Aspiration Contrasts in Hindi and Urdu
 Sarmad Hussain and Rami Nair-Northwestern University
 Karen Landahl, with Michael Ziolkowski-University of Chicago
 Discovering Phonetic Units: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?
4:30 PM Break for Dinner


 Jerrold Sadock-University of Chicago
 A Multi-Hierarchy View of Clitics
7:00 PM The Linguistic Sign as Unifying Principle Behind
 Syntactic Peculiarities: The Italian Clitic ne
 Joseph Davis-City College of New York
7:30 PM Conditions after SPELL OUT: The Case of Spanish Clitic Climbing
 Jon Franco and Alazne Landa
 University of Deusto and University of the Basque Country
8:00 PM Clitics and Prominence, or Why Specificity is Not Enough
 Elena Anagnostopoulou and Anastasia Giannakidou
 University of Tilburg and University of Groningen
8:30 PM Whyncha: A Problem in Clitic and Speech Act Theory
 John Richardson-Independent Scholar

Saturday, April 22, 1995

9:00 AM The Production of Syllables in Cliticized Forms
 Monika Baumann-Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
9:30 AM Dative Clitics and Case Licensing in Standard and Macedonian Greek
 Alexis Dimitriadis-University of Pennsylvania
10:00 AM The Clitic-Affix Distinction in Pronominal Argument Languages
 Henry Davis-University of British Columbia
10:30 AM A Minimalist Approach to Clitic Climbing
 Ana Maria Martins-University of Lisbon
 Ken Safir-Rutgers University
 Abstract Incorporation vs. Abstract Cliticization
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
1:00 PM On the Clitic Nature of Subject Pronouns in Medieval French
 Barbara Vance-Indiana University
1:30 PM Quotative Clitic "Spreading" in NE Georgian Mountain Dialects
 H. Paul Manning-University of Chicago
2:00 PM Enclitic Stress in Romance
 Sharon Peperkamp-University of Amsterdam
2:30 PM A Lexicalist Treatment of EN
 Christopher Culy, Philip Miller and Ivan A. Sag
 University of Iowa, Universite de Lille III, and Stanford University
3:00 PM Verb Agreement and Verbal Clitics in ASL
 Wynne D. Janis
 Northeastern University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Judy Kegl-Rutgers University
 The Manifestation and Grammatical Analysis of Clitics in
 American Sign Language
4:30 PM Break for Dinner
6:00 PM Cliticization of Classifiers and Partitive Constructions
 Kuo-ming Sung-Lawrence University
6:30 PM On the Non-Existence of Reflexive Clitics
 Jeffrey Lidz-University of Delaware
7:00 PM Cliticization as Alignment to Morphological Slots
 Frank van der Leeuw-Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics
7:30 PM A Morphological Analysis of Quebec Colloquial French Pronominal Clitics
 Julie Auger-McGill University
 Stephen Anderson-Yale University
 Rules and Constraints in Describing the Morphology of Phrases
9:00 PM Party

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