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Thu 20 Apr 1995

Sum: Ergativity in French

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  1. Bert Peeters, Sum: Ergativity in French

Message 1: Sum: Ergativity in French

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 14:34:25 Sum: Ergativity in French
From: Bert Peeters <>
Subject: Sum: Ergativity in French

A few days ago, I asked for pointers to recent literature on ergativity/
unaccusativity in French. I received bibliographical references from the
following, whom I hereby thank for their input:

Beth Levin
Jeffrey L. Lidz

Someone requested I also include in my summary complete references
to the material referred to in my query, which is what I have done. Those
I have not seen are preceded by an exclamation mark.

 Fauconnier, Gilles (1983). "Generalized Union". *Communication and
Cognition* 16. 3-37. Also in: *Problems in Syntax*, Liliane Tasmowski,
Dominique Willems, eds. New York: Plenum.
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*Lingvisticae Investigationes* 8. 363-401.
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l'anglais*. Potomac: Scripta Humanistica (esp. chapters 5 and 11).
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franc,ais moderne* 55. 23-54.
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and French". Unpublished ms., University of Amsterdam.
 !Hulk, Aafke and L. Cornips (1995) "Re'flexifs aspectuels," to appear in
Nash and Tsoulas, eds., *Langues et Grammaire*.
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