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Sun 30 Apr 1995

FYI: TMI95 Web URL, SECOL URL, Ling Data Consortium CD-ROM

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  1. Bruno Tersago, TMI95 Web site
  2. Natalie Maynor, New URL (SECOL)
  3. , New speech corpus from LDC

Message 1: TMI95 Web site

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 15:55:53 TMI95 Web site
From: Bruno Tersago <>
Subject: TMI95 Web site

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 July 5-7 1995
 University of Leuven
 Centre for Computational Linguistics
 Leuven, Belgium

The Sixth International Conference on Theoretical and
Methodological Issues in Machine Translation (TMI95) will be held
from July 5 to 7 1995 at the University of Leuven, Belgium. It
will precede the Fifth edition of the MT Summit, hosted by the EC
in Luxembourg from July 10 to 14.

TMI95 will focus on three major topics: computational semantics
for MT, MT of spoken language, and the use of
sublanguage/controlled language for MT.

More information available on the World Wide Web:

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Message 2: New URL (SECOL)

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 17:43:54 New URL (SECOL)
From: Natalie Maynor <maynorRa.MsState.Edu>
Subject: New URL (SECOL)

Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL) is now on the web at The pages are very skimpy now, but
I'm hoping they'll grow. One reason I'm posting this is to solicit calls
for papers to add to that page (which will also be linked to the American
Dialect Society pages --
 --Natalie (
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Message 3: New speech corpus from LDC

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 15:59:16 EDNew speech corpus from LDC
From: <>
Subject: New speech corpus from LDC

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 A New Corpus from
 the Linguistic Data Consortium

 The TRAINS Spoken Dialog Corpus

 This CD-ROM contains a corpus of task-oriented spoken
dialogs. These dialogs were collected as part of the TRAINS project,
a project to develop a conversationally proficient planning
assistant, which helps a user construct a plan to achieve some task
involving the manufacturing and shipment of goods in a railroad
freight system. The collection procedure was designed to make the
setting as close as to human-computer interaction as possible, but
was not a "wizard" scenario, where one person pretends to be a
computer. Thus these dialogs provide a snapshot into an ideal human-
computer interface that would be able to engage in fluent

 Altogether, this corpus includes 98 dialogs, collected using
20 different tasks and 34 different speakers. This amounts to six and
a half hours of speech, about 5900 speaker turns, and 55000
transcribed words.

Information on other LDC databases is available via anonymous ftp, including
a complete catalog, details on corpora, membership and other licensing forms,
and some samples of data. Connect to, login as anonymous,
give your email address as password, and go to directory pub/ldc.

The LDC's WWW Home Page holds the LDC catalog and all "readme" files from
each of the corpora released. It can be accessed at URL
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