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Calls: Ling Assoc of Southwest, National Ling Conf

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  1. "Garland D. Bills", LASSO Call for Papers
  2. III Congreso Nacional de Linguistica, 2nd Announcement: III National Linguistics Conference (MEXICO)

Message 1: LASSO Call for Papers

Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 07:30:49 -LASSO Call for Papers
From: "Garland D. Bills" <>
Subject: LASSO Call for Papers

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 Call for Papers


 24th Annual Meeting of the
 Linguistic Association of the Southwest

 October 6-8, 1995
 New Mexico State University
 Las Cruces, New Mexico

 Invited Speaker: George Lakoff, University of California, Berkeley

Proposals for papers in any area of linguistics will be considered.
Submissions for the 1995 Las Cruces meeting are particularly encouraged in the
areas of "Language maintenance and shift" and "Language and computers." Papers
by graduate students are especially solicited and will be considered for the
Helmut Esau Prize, a $250 cash award made annually by LASSO.

Presentation time for papers will be limited to twenty minutes plus ten
minutes for discussion.

**The deadline for receipt of abstracts is June 15, 1995.**
Notification of acceptance of papers will be sent out by August 1, 1995. Only
one abstract as single author and a second as co-author will be accepted from
any individual.

Abstracts must be no longer than one page (c. 250 words) and should summarize
the main points of the paper and explain relevant aspects of the data,
methodology, and argumentation employed; abstracts of accepted papers will be
published exactly as received in a booklet for distribution at the meeting. At
the beginning of your abstract place the paper title, and at the end of the
abstract (or on a separate page) repeat the title along with your name,
affiliation, and mailing address (and e-mail address if you have one).

It is preferred that abstracts be submitted by e-mail to:
In the absence of e-mail, or if your abstract contains any special symbols,
send one hard copy of the abstract (or diskette labeled for operating system
and word processing program) to:
 Carolyn Hartnett
 2027 Bay St.
 Texas City, TX 77590
 Tel. (409) 948-1446

Presentation of papers at the LASSO annual meetings is a privilege of
membership in LASSO; 1995 dues must be paid by June 15 in order for your
abstract to be considered. Annual membership dues for individuals are US$15.00
(or US$7.50 for students, retired persons, and those not employed). To pay
dues or for additional information, contact:
 Garland D. Bills
 Executive Director, LASSO
 Department of Linguistics
 University of New Mexico
 Albuquerque, NM 87131-1196
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Message 2: 2nd Announcement: III National Linguistics Conference (MEXICO)

Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 16:50:27 2nd Announcement: III National Linguistics Conference (MEXICO)
From: III Congreso Nacional de Linguistica <>
Subject: 2nd Announcement: III National Linguistics Conference (MEXICO)


 October 16-18, 1995
 Puebla, MEXICO

The Asociacion Mexicana de Linguistica Aplicada (AMLA) and
the Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, with the participation of
various other Mexican institutions, are sponsoring the III
National Linguistics Conference to be held from the 16th to
the 18th of October in Puebla, Pue. (MEXICO).

The Congress is of necessity broad in scope since we want it
to be a forum for all the linguistic research being carried
out in Mexico; therefore papers are invited in all areas of
linguistics (theoretical, descriptive or applied) as well as
the inter-disciplines. However, we particularly welcome
papers relevant to the Mexican linguistic and sociolinguistic
situation (for example, theoretical or descriptive papers on
any variety of Spanish or of other languages spoken in
Mexico, issues of bilingualism and language contact, issues
of language standarization, planning and policy).

In addition to the regular sessions, papers are also invited
for a special session on Pragmatics which is being organized
in preparation for the 5th International Pragmatics
Conference which will be held in Mexico City in 1996.

Abstracts are invited for a 20 minute presentation followed
by a 10 minute discussion period.

Abstracts should be anonymous, clearly titled and 300-500
words in length. On a separate page or 3x5 card you should
include the following information: 1) name, 2) title of
paper, 3) affiliation, 4) mailing address, 5) e-mail address,
6) phone number.

NOTE DEADLINE CHANGE: Abstracts must be received by MAY 15, 1995.
[The change is due to the fact that the University of Puebla was
closed for Spring Break for two weeks in April, and this wasn't
taken into account in the original time-table].

Mail THREE copies to the following address:

 III Congreso Nacional de Linguistica
 Maximino Avila Camacho 208
 72000 Puebla, PUE

or send an e-mail submission (plain ascii) to:

NOTE: Apparently the system was down for approximately ten days
both at 'siu' and 'cca' while an optic fibre system was being put
in. We have been told that a number of messages were bounced
during this time. As far as we know, everything is now set and in
working order and mail is being received without problem at both
adresses. As a fail-safe precaution we suggest sending mail to
'siu' with a copy to 'cca'. You should receive notification of
receipt of the abstract within three days. If you don't receive an
acknowledgment chances are your message is bouncing around in
cyberspace. Please re-submit it.

Notification of acceptance will be mailed out in the first
week of July.

All the accepted abstracts will be included in the conference
program which will be handed out to conference participants. In
addition, AMLA is planning to publish a selection of the papers
presented at the Conference.

Parallel to the Conference there's an invited symposium being
organized by Dr. Emilia Ferreiro (CINVESTAV) on the following
[Written language and textual organization in a developmental
perspective. Comparative study of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese]
Convener: Emilia Ferreiro, CINVESTAV (Mexico)
Invited participants:
 Cristina Zucchermaglio Univ. de Roma (Italia)
 Clotilde Pontecorvo Univ. de Roma (Italia)
 Nadja Ribeiro Moreira Univ. Fed. de Ceara (Brasil)
 Isabel Garcia Hidalgo Colegio de Mexico (Mexico)

Analysis of traditional narratives produced by beginning writers in
second and third grades. Presentation of comparative analyses of
"Little Red Riding Hood". Suggestions for a developmental theory of
the written language. Discussion of the TEXTUS system for the
automatic analysis of deviant normative texts.

[Difficult point, please bear with us]
Following the devaluation in December, our effective budget for the
Conference has been reduced to half. We are making every effort to
maintain the original registration fees by absorbing the extra
costs. However, if for some unforeseen circumstance a change has to
be made we will be sure to give at least 30-days notice.

Before October 2, 1995 After October 2, 1995
General: N$ 100 (US$ 20) N$ 200
AMLA members N$ 75 N$ 150
Students: N$ 30 (US$ 6) N$ 60

Please note that there is a reduction in the pre-registration fees
originally quoted in US $ dollars; however, we have arbitrarily
fixed the parity rate at N$ 5 = US$ 1 which is slightly higher than
the current market rate. After October 2nd and at the conference
only payment in Mexican pesos will be accepted. [Those of you
interested in speculating on peso (or dollar!) futures, pull out
your calculators and take your choice].

We will be notifying people who express an interest in pre-
registering for the Conference as to where and how deposits can be

 May 15, 1995: Abstract Due
 July 2, 1995: Acceptance notifications will be mailed out
 Oct 2, 1995: Pre-registration deadline
 Oct 16, 1995: Final manuscript due (for those interested in
 having their paper be considered for

For further information please write to:
Rosa Graciela Montes
Chair, Organizing Committee
Apdo. Postal 1356
72001 Puebla, PUE

Information about accomodations and directions to the
conference will be sent in a subsequent message.

AMLA (Asociacion Mexicana de Linguistica Aplicada) is an
affiliate of AILA (International Association for Applied
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