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Fri 05 May 1995

FYI: Research at U of Sheffield, Usage survey, LOT-summerschool

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  1. Yorick Wilks, Research in CS, AI, NLP and Speech
  2. Alex Eulenberg, Discourse connective mailing list (Usage survey)
  3. Jan Don, announcement (reminder) LOT-summerschool Amsterdam

Message 1: Research in CS, AI, NLP and Speech

Date: Tue, 2 May 95 18:18:44 BSTResearch in CS, AI, NLP and Speech
From: Yorick Wilks <>
Subject: Research in CS, AI, NLP and Speech

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 University of Sheffield, UK
 Department of Computer Science


This department intends to recruit a number of postgraduate research students
to commence studies in October 1995. Successful applicants will be registered
for an M.Phil or Ph.D. The department has four research groups, with interests
as follows:

Formal Methods and Software Engineering
Telematics, Formal Specification, Verification and Testing, Object-Oriented
Languages and Design, Proof Theory.

Parallel Processing
Parallel Database Machines, Parallel CASE Tools, Safety-Critical systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
Natural Language Processing (including corpus and lexically based methods,
information extraction and pragmatics), Neural Networks, Computer Graphics,
Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Computer Argumentation.

Speech and Hearing
Auditory Scene Analysis, Models of Auditory Perception, Automatic Speech

It is expected that a number of (British Government) EPSRC awards will be
to UK residents, in addition to the University's own studentship and bursary
schemes, some of which are open to all. Candidates for these awards should
have a good honours degree in a relevant discipline (not necessarily Computer
Science), or should attain such a degree by October 1995. Part-time
registration is also possible. We especially welcome applications from
(non-British) EU citizens elegible for support under the EU's Research
Training Grants schemes (with application deadlines in May
and September).

Application forms and further particulars are available from The Departmental
Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, Regent Court,
211 Portobello St, Sheffield S1 4DP.

More details can also be obtained from world-wide-web address Informal enquiries may be addressed to

Dr. Phil. Green, phone 0114-282-5578, email
Prof Yorick Wilks, phone 0114-282-5563, email
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Message 2: Discourse connective mailing list (Usage survey)

Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 12:11:48 -Discourse connective mailing list (Usage survey)
From: Alex Eulenberg <>
Subject: Discourse connective mailing list (Usage survey)

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Many thanks to all who responded to my recently-posted usage survey
concerning the discourse connectives (conjunctive adverbials) /besides/
and /what's more/.

Everyone who responded has been added to a special mailing list devoted
to the experimental (survey-based) analysis of sentence connectives.
Surveys will be sent to members from time to time and results will be
posted to this list.

If you missed the last survey, and would like to participate in another
one, send "subscribe aeulenbe_survey" to ( and you
will be put on the survey mailing list.

--Alex Eulenberg (
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Message 3: announcement (reminder) LOT-summerschool Amsterdam

Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 14:29:57 Gannouncement (reminder) LOT-summerschool Amsterdam
From: Jan Don <Jan.DonLET.RUU.NL>
Subject: announcement (reminder) LOT-summerschool Amsterdam

Content-Length: 2722


Deadline extended: please enroll before May 8.

 Program LOT-Summerschool 1995
 University of Amsterdam

 June 12 -15 & 19-23 1995

The Dutch Graduate School in Linguistics (LOT) invites you
to participate in the Summerschool which will be held in June 1995
at the University of Amsterdam.

The following courses will be given:

First Week:
E. Clark (Stanford)
 First Language Acquisition
L. Oversteegen, Spooren (Tilburg) & Sanders (Utrecht)
 Discourse Relations: Temporal, Causal and Contrastive
C. de Groot & D. Bakker (Amsterdam)
 Syntax in Functional Grammar
A. Goldberg (San Diego)
 Construction Grammar
F. Hinskens & R.van Hout (Nijmegen/Tilburg)
 Language Variation
R. Schoonen (Amsterdam)
 Methods and Techniques of Empirical Research
M. Rooth (Stuttgart)
 Corpus Methods for Theoretical Linguists
R. Heim (MIT)
 Syntax-Semantics Interface: Ellipsis
P. Werth (Amsterdam)
 Text Worlds: Representing Conceptual Space in Discourse

Second Week:
G. Piggott (Montreal/Leyden)
 Syllable Structure and Segmental Licensing
M. Brody (London/Budapest)
 Minimalist Theory: Properties of Chains
S. Thomason (Pittsburgh)
 Language Contact and Language Change
S. Anderson (Yale)
 The Morphology-Syntax Interface
J.R. Hayes (Carnegie Mellon University)
 Motivation and Affect in Writing
L. Boves (Nijmegen)
 Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
R. Kager (Utrecht)
 Prosody and the Phonology-Morphology Interface
A. Neeleman (Utrecht)
 Flexibility in Syntax
Snoeck Henkemans/Van Rees (Amsterdam)
 The Analysis of Argumentative Discourse

Course descriptions and enrollment forms will be sent by E-mail on request.
Enrollment forms should be returned before May 8.
Costs: 350,= DFL. per week (approx. $200).

Further information/enrollment:
 Phone: 31-30-536006
 Fax: 31-30-536000
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